Okay, so like I’ve been really bored livin’ the neet life, so I’ve made a bunch of dumb El Tigre sprites and facesets for rpg maker. I’m still working on ‘em (and I still have a lot more characters to do), but I figured I’d post what I have.

So yes, my contribution to the fandom. Lemme know what'cha think.

so yeah more tigre doodles

i figured if che and django went to school together with manny and frida (even though they technically don’t live in miracle city?) che’d be on the dance team (hence the outfit) and my sister said django would always be tardy to class i think my favorite thing is that hall monitor kid

and then yeah zoe was eaten by my markers and there’s a kawaiimotherfuckindesu frida for you all


okay so i have this headcanon that django and che are like besties ‘cause they’re both undead and junk and i think that they’d probably get along p-well so i drew them being bros and stuff

seriously tho, el tigre fandom, if you’re out there lemme know

if you haven’t seen this show, then i suggest you look it up

its online