che cafe


The Che Cafe is a multicultural centre in San Diego, a community space, a d.i.y. venue, a server of vegan food, a safe and sober LGBTQA space, and a not-for-profit collective run by students and community members on the UCSD campus. It fosters critical thinking, diversity, anti-capitalism, and community; acts as a space for learning and sharing; fights oppression through education and a lack of acceptance for oppressive behavior and actions; and is a historical space which has been operating in the community for the past 35 years.

Currently the university is attempting to evict the space. The Che is not only a landmark in the San Diego community, but an example of collective thinking and the sharing of art. To lose the space would be to lose a source of cultural and artistic wealth.

The Che is still alive and being occupied. It has won against the university before through direct action. Save the Che. Save spaces of positive growth. Fight for and foster spaces in your community which make it what it is.

a poster that I did after UCAB rendered their vote to cut ché from the budget.

it’s really difficult when something that has shaped you in such tremendous ways is under threat. it’s even more painful when you feel powerless, because you’re not geographically close to that thing, making it hard to be there to protect it.

the ché café, both the space itself and the individuals who make up the collective have taught me so much. we’re not going to let it go without organizing resistance.

help us do that. ensure that community controlled spaces continue to exist.