che and fidel


For everyone talking about Cuba after Fidel Castro’s long overdue death.

For every white American news outlet and reporter (Buzzfeed, Michael Moore and even Anthony Bourdain) who wanted to paint Cuba as a Communist utopia with free school, free healthcare and therefore trivialize the countless hardships faced by real Cubans who can’t leave the island.

I’ve heard stories of my fiance’s grandfather whose legs rotted after being tortured for months in a pit of raw sewage for being a loan shark, my own grandfather who was a prisoner of war and was a Cuban refugee in the 80s who brought his two little kids and wife to America on a boat full of violent prisoners and the mentally ill, Castro’s own advisor of 17 years who was thrown into a pit of cockroaches for asking to resign (because he knew he’d be killed when his term was over). Castro and Che Guevara weren’t socialist pioneers, they were serial killers. Che isn’t a public figure who’s okay to wear on a fucking t-shirt because communism is a good idea to you, but this is the reason why so many Cuban-Americans are terrified of socialism and there isn’t a single American who should blame them.

Fidel was a twisted, almost king-like dictator who didn’t give a shit about his people, and his death doesn’t mean much when his legacy is still in place and our country is so much worse than it was just twenty years ago. Don’t say shit if you don’t know, if you haven’t been there. Please.

Can we please stop calling Chechnya the first concentration camp since Hitler’s. North Korea has them and the Soviet Union had them. Also Che and Castro murdered gays too. Not sure if we can classify them as concentration camps but the millions of people who died under Maoism in work camps in Cambodia, China and other areas are worth mentioning too. Do not erase the suffering of millions for your shocking headline.

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara at a memorial service march for victims of the La Coubre explosion, 5 March 1960, Havana, Cuba

On March 4th, 1960, the French freighter La Coubre exploded in the harbor of Havana as it was unloading 76 tons of munitions. Casualties may have been as high as 100, and as many as 200 were injured. Castro claimed the explosion was caused by the US, although no evidence corroborating this claim has been unearthed.