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It was a beautiful flower arrangement, the whites of the petals delicate. Kakashi kept the bouquet to himself, his mind drifting off to the days of old. Or perhaps on what he was to do today. To be honest, it diverted to so many places… The ninja was in an isolated world most of the time. However, there were ways to snap him out of it. Hitting him. Slapping him. Yelling at him (sometimes). Or running into him which, at this given time, was rather reverse. “Oh, Sakura,” he said after he collected himself, looking to the familiar girl he had just bumped into. “Sorry about that. I got a bit sidetracked. You know what they say: So many things to think about, so little time. It’s hard work trying to understand the deep meanings of life. Walking becomes secondary.” Yeah, okay. Excuses.

🍒💣 the sequel.. Come to think of it.. My greatgreatetc granddaddy invented the safety fuse… #notsurewhattothinkofthat … It’s a bit #plutonic I guess.. Not a lot to do with #lusciousorganicfruit tho so I won’t tangentify further #cherries #chchcherrybomb #organic #cleanfood #micronutrients #polyphenolics #safefoodassocoation #soilassociaion #USDAorganic #biocert #bio