as part of our 25th anniversary, my community group sponsored a mural project on the corner of eastern parkway and franklin avenue in crown heights, brooklyn.

earlier this summer we primed the fence and advertised for artists to submit sketches for the 31 available spots.
on september 18th & 19th all the artists gathered to execute their designs; you can view the entire project on the crow hill website

above is the evolution of my piece (a combination of drawing, oil & cut-outs) which grew out of one of my daily water color projects: it looks like a month to me.
the cut-out figures are extensions of drawings i was making years ago and always intended to incorporate into a larger body of work. 
i also used wheat pasted cut-outs for the background designs below the subway railing as that area proved prohibitively difficult to paint.

composite of finished piece

location: Eastern Parkway & Franklin Avenue (north east corner), Brooklyn
at the Franklin Avenue stop of the 2/3 & 4/5

and 2 blocks east of the Brooklyn Museum

My community group (Crow Hill Community Association) is sponsoring this installation/fundraising project that focuses on bringing the community of Crown Heights together in the wake of the shootings last Labor Day. Its purpose is to create an awareness for youth in our community that art not violence can be your voice.

The KICKSTARTER campaign which will provide the initial funding needed just launched.

Please consider donating to help us make this project a reality.