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Just a tiny little reaction fic drabble thing...

Klaine. Fluff and feels and some headcanon for a missing scene in A Wedding.


The medication helped. Helps. Blaine doesn’t want to take it forever, and his therapist has warned him about “false highs”, about assuming everything is perfect just because everything feels perfect, so he doesn’t dramatically empty the bottle into the toilet when “Walking on Sunshine” comes on the radio while he’s shaving two days after the wedding, even if he does already have a pretty epic montage going in his head that would only be enhanced by the gesture.

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Bound in Blue 'verse part 3 (Dom!Kurt / sub!Blaine)

Okay, so I am well aware that it has been nearly a year since I last updated this ‘verse, and I assure you that I am properly ashamed of that fact.  But!  I’m very excited to get back into it, and I assure you that there is much more to come, and definitely much sooner than a year from now.  This chapter is also a bit longer, which…yeah, it still doesn’t make up for how horribly long overdue this is, but I hope it at least helps me seem like a little bit less of an asshole.

Still rated PG-ish for now, but not for long. ;)

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here, and I will be tagging updates as fic: Bound in Blue.

Hope you enjoy! 


Kurt was in over his head.

God, he just- the way Blaine looked at him. Like Kurt knew what he was doing. Like he was a real Dom. Like Blaine would do absolutely anything Kurt asked of him without a second’s hesitation.

It was both exhilarating and terrifying and Kurt had no idea at all which emotion was going to win the upper hand. All he knew was that he needed to talk to his father as soon as humanly possible, even though he would essentially have to open with: “Sorry I was gone so long, I stopped and claimed a sub. Oh, and I forgot the milk.”

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Bound in Blue 'verse part 2 (Dom!Kurt/sub!Blaine)

This is the second drabble in a series that will be I-don’t-know-how-fucking long. It’s still pretty PG at this point, but I can’t imagine it staying that way for long.  Feel free to send prompts if there are particular scenes you’d like to see!

The first installment is here.  If you’d like to track this ‘verse, the tag is Fic: Bound in Blue.


The trip back to Blaine’s house – well, Blaine’s parents’ house, not his anymore – passed in a blur. And while Ted and Leticia Anderson were initially quite shocked that Blaine had left the house on his own, they were too excited to learn that such a kind, intelligent and well-mannered Dom had claimed their son to actually scold Blaine. There were tears and hugs, and Blaine’s mother took Kurt to pack a bag for Blaine while Blaine’s father made tea for Blaine and himself and spoke soothingly of what Blaine should expect on his first night with his new Dom.

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Bound in Blue 'verse Part 4 (Dom!Kurt/sub!Blaine

Part 1                   Part 2                   Part 3        

If you’d like to track this fic, I tag it fic: Bound in Blue. I’ll also be posting Bound in Blue as a WIP fic on Ao3 later today!

Warnings for this section: Discussion of kinks (some of them kinda hard), and a wee bit of exploration of said kinks.

Also (hardly a warning, but worth noting nonetheless), the content gets a bit..uh…mature in this section. Not altogether explicit yet, but I can safely say that it is for mature audiences only. ;)


Kurt spent Sunday morning deep in thought.

Waking up next to Blaine had felt like the most natural thing in the world. It was as if every bit of self-conscious worry had simply bled out of Kurt’s body as he slept, leaving him with nothing but a calm sense of absolute clarity when he awoke to the rising sun.

He hadn’t gotten enough sleep, but he had never felt more rested in his life.

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Bound in Blue parts 5 & 6 (Dom!Kurt/sub!Blaine)

Part 1                   Part 2                   Part 3                   Part 4

If you’d like to track this fic, I tag it fic: Bound in Blue. You can also read it on Ao3 here if you prefer.

A/N: I know I’ve taken 5ever to update this, but a lot of things came up, blah blah blah. The point is, I’m posting 2 chapters at once in an attempt to redeem myself.

Warnings for this section: Porn. Two chapters of very explicit kinky porn.

                                                               ~Part Five~

“Take your clothes off, kneel on the bed, and close youreyes. Don’t open them until I give you permission.”

Kurt’s voice was a hot, moist whisper in Blaine’s ear, andhe tried to infuse it with as much confidence as possible, forcing himself notto let it come out shaky. Blaine had said he didn’t mind if Kurt was scared. That he didn’t care that Kurt was just as inexperienced as he was. Kurt believed him, but he still couldn’t help but set expectations for himself high. This was Blaine, after all. This was the sweetest, sexiest, most honest and adorable sub Kurt had ever had the pleasure to know. This was Blaine’s first time submitting to anyone like this, laying himself bare and open and vulnerable, and Kurt couldn’t bear for it to be anything less than what Blaine deserved. Anything less than perfect.

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