chazy's creations

Instead of doing anything productive today I’ve spent all day trying to get this sucker to look exactly how he looked in my dream. There’s still some differences because sims can only go so far but he looks enough like my dream that I can be happy with him. He is meant to have claws as hands and feet and have more scales over his body. Sometimes I swear my brain is bonkers because I created a whole new supernatural species in my dream yet if I tried that when I was awake I would come up with nothing. Anyway, this lizard type sim here is a Komorro. (also this is my first time trying MysteryJack’s cutout tutorial. it isn’t perfect because of how I took the pictures of the Komorro but I think it looks quite cool).

I finally got around to making the human form/version of my Komorro. His name is Dean Faber and he is one of the main characters in my new novel.

(I also want to say that I would do a similar picture as above for my Nadrus sim but I can’t because not only do most Nadrus not have a human form but this certain Nadrus’ human form is essentially the same as Dean’s but that will be explained further in my novel if I ever get it written).

I also went and made my main female character too. Her name is April *Jones* and she is meant to be slightly overweight but the weight slider in game sucks so she looks a tiny bit different than she does in my head (her face and hair are perfect though). Would you guys call her hair colour Strawberry blonde because that’s what it’s meant to be but I’m no good with hair colours so I don’t know.

**= her last name is subject to change because I’m unsure of it at the moment. Any suggestions on what it could be?