First of all, she’s not my actual aunt. Just a dear friend of my mom who actually REALLY isn’t much older than I.

Second of all, she refuses to understand jack shit about LGBQTIA+ issues.

Third of all, she uses my christian name when the name I have published is “Chazi”, and is the name I generally prefer to go by.

Fourth of all–I had NO fucking idea that anyone would equate a woman getting a “boob job” to the type of dysphoria that causes you to bind every fucking day and hate hate hate what you see in the mirror because it is not you.

This is still my fundraiser.  This makes me “selfish” and makes me “spit in Heavenly Father’s face” (you know, because I don’t have a very deep relationship with the God whom I honour and love). This is what has inspired her to tell me that I need to “look beyond myself’ and apparently fucking solve world hunger.

I’m really upset by this.  I’m too ill and tired to be angry–I am so tired and I am hurting and grieving and want to cry.