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So here’s a cute Michael blurb about taking naps with him :’)




Imagine Michael just walks through your apartment door, dragging his body along with his bag. He would crash beside you on the couch and nuzzle his face into your neck. “Babe, can we take a nap?” he would yawn. You would never mind snuggling with Michael. Michael would come and take a nap with you any chance he could get. He wouldn’t mind being big or little spoon, as long as he was next to you, he couldn’t care less. He would run his fingertips over any exposed skin and kiss you on your forehead. Taking a naps was very intimate between you two. You would enjoy having each other close, just laying down in silence, not speaking a single word other than an occasional “I love you,”. There was no place you would rather be, your home was in Michael’s arms.

Living in an Apartment w/ Michael would include:

•Always sleeping in

•him never leaving a mess, he would always clean up after himself

•him coming home late most of the time

•so many Friday night movies would be watched

•probs anime too

•no, ESPECIALLY anime

•he would always be jumping around singing and dancing like an idiot when he would hook up his music to the speakers

•the neighbours will complain every. single. time.

•”I’m sorry, we will be more quiet”

•he would never be wearing pants

•playing video games all night

•sometimes you would go to sleep while he’s playing tho

•”Michael, shut up. I’m trying to sleep and you’re yelling at the TV”

•”I know, but there was a fucking lag”

•”I don’t care, shut up”

•all of the cuddles

•cuddling together at night, during the day, while watching a show, or during other tedious tasks.

•you realizing you have the best roommate ever

Calum | Ashton | Luke | masterlist

4/4 As Elements

I thought this one would be really cool to write about. What power would each of the guys have and how would they go about it? I had too much fun writing this. enjoy and let me know what you think!


Calum Hood: Fire

A fiery boy, literally and metaphorically. You could see the fire in his eyes when he’s high off adrenaline, on stage and off. If you look hard enough, you could see the steam rolling off his body when he sweats as a smirk would normally grow on his lips. On the other hand, when he was angry, you want to make sure you’re at least a country away from him. Doing all in his power to conceal his fiery rage by holding a ball of fire in his hand. Sometimes releasing the fire backstage, but Luke quickly putting it out. Calum would escape into the dark of the night, often getting a smoke, using his finger to light the cigarette. Sometimes Calum would think that it would be best if he never had powers to begin with, but there was nothing he loved more than causing a little chaos with Michael.

Ashton Irwin: Earth

Ashton’s powers of using the earth beneath his feet to his benefit. Sometimes, to impress the ladies, he would place a rose seed in his hand and grow quickly right before giving it to them. When he’s sad, you’ll notice the ground gets soft beneath his feet as he takes small quiet steps as his hands squeeze into his pockets.

When he was on stage, banging on his drums, you would feel the stadium shaking. There would be news reports about light earthquakes in every city they performed in.

Animals are his best friends, as he would find a seat under a tree and attract wildlife to his side (Luke would usually join him). That was Ashton’s favorite thing about his power. He enjoyed the peace his power brought him, unlike Calum. Sometimes he would get into fights with Michael, but he thought it was fun.

Luke Hemmings: Water

One look into his captivating eyes and you would be able to tell which power out of the four he was. Luke, the bender of water, was a very timid person, usually okay with everything. He doesn’t think much of his power, but he does try to make use of it. He does love giving the boys a glass of water and telling them, “make this as gross as possible” and bet them that he can extract clean water. He was a show off, but no one minded.

Luke would normally take nature trips with Ashton. Normally, he would go to the beach, the forest, or even the mountains with Ashton to clear his mind.

Luke would normally go to the beach when he was sad, but watch as his sadness turns to anger as the crashes of the waves grew louder and more violent.

The beads of sweat would sparkle and glisten as he performed, but being around the band other than performing would be putting out Calum’s fire, relaxing with Ashton, and yelling at Michael to stop fucking around with the air pressure.

Michael Clifford: Air

You would think that Calum would be causing the most destruction, but it would be this idiot. He loved to mess around with Luke, like when he was fixing his hair and sending a gush of wind messing it up. He would do the same with Ashton, but Ashton would fight back, usually finding a potted plant and turning the soil into a rock and launching it at Michael, but Michael would change the air pressure in the room, causing the rock to crumble into bits.

Michael’s ultimate favorite thing to do was let Calum set a few things in Luke’s room on fire and him spreading  it with his air. Luke would quickly put it out when he smells it.

As much as Michael was a goofball, there were times when he would get seriously get pissed and the band knew that. They would see clouds roll in as strong winds would rip trees from their trunk, making going outside a suicide mission. Calum would calm him down, and you would tell as you would see the bad clouds go away, revealing the sun.