chaz jordan
The Walt Disney Company: For newsies to have a second tour
Newsies hands down was the best show. Newsies live in theaters in not enough. Come on fansies I know your out there! Sign this petition to help achieve a second tour of newsies!! Let's SEIZE THE DAY!

Please Please Please follow this link to the website. I am trying to make this happen. Post it tweet it whatever help me get this to 100 signatures  and hopefully more! PLEASE!!!

The World Will Know
  • The World Will Know
  • Dan DeLuca/Jacob Kemp/Zachary Sayle/Benjamin Cook/Vincent Crocilla/Sky Flaherty/Jack Sippel/Joshua Burrage/Jeff Heimbrock/Julian DeGuzman/DeMarius Copes/Ginna Claire Mason/Evan Autio/Nico DeJesus/Chaz Wolcott/Jordan Samuels
  • Newsies - 1/17/2015 Columbus Matinee Performance
Seize the Day
  • Seize the Day
  • Jacob Kemp/Dan DeLuca/Zachary Sayle/Vincent Crocilla/Sky Flaherty/Jack Sippel/Joshua Burrage/Evan Autio/Ginna Claire Mason/Jeff Heimbrock/Julian DeGuzman/DeMarius Copes/Jon Hacker/Benjamin Cook/Nico DeJesus/Chaz Wolcott/Jordan Samuels/Michael Ryan
  • Newsies - 1/17/2015 Columbus Matinee Performance