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So hey, since it’s October (and also OCtober), here’s an unofficial OCtober challenge!

Since Halloween is a spooky time, why not try drawing one of your characters making fearful expressions of various kinds! It’s like one of those expression memes, except all of the boxes are “Scared” in some way or another, because there are many types of fear that can be expressed in different ways! 

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“I like to stay in practice. Squeeze off a few shots at whatever training range is available. Really most of it I have figured out in my head in theory - bullet drop, adjusting for windspeed, even compensating for the fact that my current rifle’s scope is a little crooked and there’s a kink in the barrel that tends to make my shots veer left a little bit. Actually putting that theory into practice every now and again is useful, though. Gets me used to actually firing a rifle.”

“How come you grimace before every shot, then?”

“The recoil hurts the hell out of my shoulder.”

“Oh, right. Ebonhawke.”

“I swear every time it feels like it’s about to get better something else happens to it. Maybe I should…”

“Give the rifle a break?”

“…give the rifle a– yeah that. How’d you know I was gonna say that, mom?”

“You’ve been saying you’d give rifle practice a break ever since Ebonhawke, and you do it anyway and throw out your shoulder. Every week. Honestly.”

“…Yeah I did, didn’t I. Habit’s hard to break, I suppose.”

“You need to learn to relax, dear. I don’t blame you though, after something like that you’re bound to be on high alert. Just remember you’re safe here. And rest that shoulder up, you don’t want to be in the middle of an actual fight and have it give out on you!”

“I will. Thanks, mom.”