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for too long, a toxic combination of anti-LGBTQ+ hate & easy access to guns has put LGBTQ+ people at disproportionate risk of violence & murder. on June 12, forty-nine innocent people, most of them Latinx, were killed at Pulse nightclub in Orlando simply because of who they were.

it’s on all of us to keep their memories alive, & I’m proud/humbled/honored to be part of Ryan Murphy’s tribute to their stories. i hope you’ll take a moment to watch & take action. join me & the Human Rights Campaign & urge your legislator to support legislation that will ensure LGBTQ+ people are safe and equal in every community.

get involved here: ‪#‎StopTheHate‬


Yet another example as to why Ellen is my role model.

In 1997, Ellen came out as gay on her sitcom, Ellen. She was met with a horrendous amount of backlash from society and the media. She was the butt of every joke on late night TV. She was dubbed “Ellen DeGenerate.” She even received death threats. 

Ellen went from the most popular sitcom actress to the most hated. Desperate, she turned to the gay community for support. However, Chastity Bono, a fellow lesbian and a representative for GLAAD at the time, betrayed Ellen, telling Variety Magazine, “[‘Ellen’] is so gay it’s excluding a large part of our society … we have to be realistic. This is network primetime." 

Ellen trusted Chastity to help as she was also gay, and would understand what Ellen was going through. Instead, Chastity publicly denounced Ellen, leaving Ellen alone to defend herself. Ellen’s show was subsequently cancelled. 

Flash forward to 2011. Chastity Bono is now Chaz Bono, a transgender male. He is going to be a contestant of Dancing with the Stars, much to the displeasure of the public. He receives backlash, similar to the kind Ellen endured in 1997. In response, Ellen defends Chaz in her monologue (seen here), and invites Chaz on her show to give his perspective. 

Ellen chose to help Chaz, who was being persecuted by the media, even though he had hurt Ellen severely in the past. Ellen definitely did not have to have Chaz on her show, but she did to be kind. Ellen not only forgave Chaz, but gave him the support that he failed to give her earlier. 

Be kind to one another. It’s not just something Ellen says after every show; it’s what she lives by. And we should all try to live by it too. 

?6: You really think you know

American Horror Story has changed its format and introduced us to a new series. My Roanoke Nightmare. Now whats strange about this season of AHS isnt just the fact that they have been trying to deliberately throw us off with a hodgepodge of creepy and confusing teasers. But we didn’t even get a title card a time and place. the theme is not and wont be American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. You can easily tell that by the trailer which calls this season My Roanoke Nightmare: A True American Horror Story. Wait a minute? That’s not traditionally how this series goes We’ve checked into Hotels, Attended freakshows, protected covens, escaped asylums, and visited Murder Houses. What are we doing this season? were watching. Haven’t you figured it out? AHS has turned up the mystery on us. Are we watching a series created within the AHS universe? So far we’ve only been introduced to 3 “real” characters  Thats Shelby (played by Lily Rabe in “real life” and Sarah Paulson in the Dramatic Reenactment) Matt (played Andre Holland and Cuba Gooding Jr) and Lee (Played by Adina Porter and Angela Bassett) These are the only new characters we’ve been introduced to this season. Anyone we see in the Dramatic Reenactment are just actors recreating what Matt Shelby and Lee “Lived Through” Maybe thats why Sarah Cuba and Angela are the only ones that have pictures of their characters posted to the AHS Twitter page. Lily Andre and Adina have supposedly lived through this so to keep up with this “True Story” Facade. There was no need to post the characters they’ll be playing this season. soley because this “happened to them” Do you follow me? This season is going to be a complete Mind Fuck. There are so many possible plots for this season. The thing is we all know is we’re Watching American Horror story the anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. And we know Lily and Andre aren’t Shelby and Matt. What is going on here?How does this series fall into play with the other seasons of AHS? Will we see any connections to the other seasons in this season? I have so many theories! Is this reenactment just a reenactment? Why the change in format for the series and series title? Is there an actual theme we maybe ignoring?  Where the hell is the theme song? American Horror Story’s new approach does give the show more room for jumpscares and suspense. I mean we are kinda watching a movie or a 10 episode docu-series in a universe where the Antichrist is alive and well. Just saying. But the possibilities for the season are endless. This show within our show could only be a small piece of a bigger picture. What if someone is forcing actors to relive horrifying stories that’s have been told in the AHS universe. What if the characters we are up close and personal with are the “actors? and the “dramatic reenactments” are the actual events that have taken place? What if this season isnt just one docu-series and its multiple docu-series all recorded within this mysterious Studio that has malicious intentions for its actors. (Hey that would clear up all the sorted trailers we were baffled by. Remember how they all correlate to movie trailers and Horror movies. AHS: Theatre Anyone? Yeah? Are we still doing that? No? Aww i really liked that title.) Anyways i know that this season is not called American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. Its actually a show within the show called My Roanoke Nightmare: A True American Horror story. So lets see where this season will take us? And what Mystery awaits.

Chaz Bono to Play Himself on Degrassi

BY EVAN LAMBERT,,20607642,00.html

Chaz Bono is the latest celebrity to visit Degrassi

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant and transgender activist stopped by the Toronto set of TeenNick’s long-running drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Thursday to film scenes for an episode set to air in the fall. His role? Chaz Bono. 

“I work with a transgender teen support group that is part of the organization Transforming Family,” Bono says, “so when the opportunity to be part of a series that features a trans teen came up, I was thrilled." 

In the guest spot – which Bono expressed interest in after meeting theDegrassi team at the 2011 Emmys – he’ll play as a surprise celebrity judge for a Battle of the Bands style contest at the fictional Degrassi Community School. 

Bono will also have a scene with Adam Torres (played by Jordan Todosey), a transgender character who came out and faced physical bullying in a two-part, award-winning episode of the show. 

"Adam’s storyline on Degrassi is important to me because it means more transgender representation in the pop culture,” Bono says, “and it also sends the message to trans teens that they are not alone in their struggles." 

The episode of Degrassi, which returns with season 12 on July 16, will air in the fall.