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54 Below - Newsboys Variety Show - October 2nd, 2017

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Carrying the Banner - Company

One Of The Boys - Kaitlyn Frank

First Date; Last Night - Morgan Keene and Stephen Michael Langton

The Babbit and The Bromide - Anthony Rosenthal and Chaz Wolcott

Everything - Nicholas Masson

Friendship (parody) - Ethan Steiner, Jonathan Fenton and Anthony Rosenthal

I Dont Remember/Sometimes A Day Goes By - Alex Prakken and Mike Ryan

I Can Do That - Anthony Zas

How Far I’ll Go - Daniel Switzer, Devin Lewis and Stephen Hernandez

Potential (original) - Joey Barreiro

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Jack Sippel and Beth Stafford Laird

Disney Love Medley - Dan DeLuca and Stephanie Styles



Two Show Day at #newsiesontour!! Song borrowed from the brilliant @hoofingboy100 and @papermillplayhouse! #ItsA2ShowDay


Find you a Newsie who pays tributes to your childhood favs - Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor 😍

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Alex Prakken & Chaz Wolcott - Moses Supposes - The Newsboys' Variety Show
Cast members Alex Prakken & Chaz Wolcott from Disney's Newsies North American Tour perform "Moses Supposes" (From "Singin' in the Rain") with JP Ferreri at T...



Choices Fan Interview

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1. Favorite book and why.

I’m cheating I have three.

a. Rules of Engagement - I honestly hated this at first! I only played it for diamonds but then I met Mr. William Sloan and I found myself spending just so my MC could get more time with him. The actual love of my life. *sighs dreamily*

Also despite the ridiculous premise, I think it has some of the most well-written and the most interesting characters like Mr. Sloan, Violet (cousin), Chaz, Alex (big brother), Blake, etc.

b. The Royal Romance - I just find it really exciting! The Prince is hot and amazing and a total sweetheart and I can be the queen of a small kingdom? SIGN ME UP.

c. Most Wanted - I love detective stories, so this was an automatic fave. I also adore Sam (I bought all the wardrobe choices for her haha); she and Dave make such a kickass team.

2. Least favorite book and why.

Endless Summer. I’m playing without diamonds and literally nothing makes sense because all the important details are in the diamond scenes.

3. Your MC’s LI for each story you’re playing.

Rules of Engagement: Mr. William Sloan

The Royal Romance: King Liam

High School Story: Michael Harrison

The Freshman/The Sophomore: James Ashton

Eternal Summer: Sean Marcus Gayle

Hero: Haven’t decided yet.

The Crown and the Flame: Dominic Hunter

#LoveHacks: No one because I don’t like my MC. Ben/Mark/Leah can do better.

4. Favorite MC ship.

William x MC (Rules of Engagement)

King Liam x MC (The Royal Romance)

Michael x MC (High School Story)

5. Least favorite MC ship.

Drake x MC (The Royal Romance)

MC x anyone (#LoveHacks. It’s not the LIs; it’s my MC.)

6. Favorite non-MC ship.

Rules of Engagement: Blake x Jess, Chaz x Violet

Eternal Summer: Variego

#LoveHacks: Ben x Mark, Cole x Amir

The Sophomore : Zig x Aaron, Teddy x Zack

7. Least Favorite Non-MC ship.

Nicole x Paolo, Nicole x Audrey

8. Favorite character and why.

Hands down, Mr. William Sloan (Rules of Engagement). I’ve already written my reasons here and here.

9. Least favorite character and why.

Drake. He talks down to MC and he’s so negative all the time. I just prefer not to interact with him if I can.

10. Character you like but most people don’t.

Hero’s Dax Darcisse! My precious genius! I don’t think anyone dislikes him exactly but he definitely deserves more appreciation.

11. Character you don’t like that most people do.

I guess Drake.

12. Which character are you most like in real life?

I’m a lot like Madeleine. The pragmatic, practical, calculating bit, anyway. Probably why she gets on my nerves so much.

13. If you could be in any Choices story, what would you choose?

The Royal Romance! I want to serve as an adviser to King Liam and watch over him and my MC as they rule over Cordonia together.

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