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Chapter 191: A JOURNEY OF LOVE

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THANK YOU SIENNA for translating this super long chapter!! <3

Note–> Sae: Should I force you to add a witty note?  Alec: Does it have to be witty? Just add yours! I liked your notes! 😝 Sae: Because it’s cute XD. [actually, it’s because I’m too lazy to write a proper one.] Also, JS! Look what you’ve done to me. T^T 

Translator: Sienna            Editor: Sae + Alec

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If I sell Organic Healthy Tea on tumblr

Do you think you’ll be interested to buy it?

It’s been 2 years I’m selling tea in my place and it works very well :P

I want to sell : 

1- Sun tea (japanese green with 50% more antioxydant + you absorb more the solar energy)
2- Moon tea (chinese white tea dried in the moonlight + good to remove headache + anti-inflammatory)
3- Buddha tea (chinese yellow tea helps concentration + meditation)
4- Red tea (remake liver cells, antioxidant, no cafeine)
5- Chai red tea (helps digestion + remake liver cells, antioxidant, no cafeine)
6- Pu’erh (remove toxins in digestive system)
7- Lavender (helps headache, sleep)
8- Jasmin gree tea (helps to reduce anxiety)
9- Rose buds (helps acne)
10- Chamomille (helps periods + boost the immune system + anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory)
11- Mint (analgesic + helps digestion + nausea + sleep)
12- Verbena (helps to reduce anxiety, depression and have digestive benefits)



13- The spicy red tea:
Ginger (root chakra)
Calendula (sacral chakra)
Cinnamon (plexus chakra)

14- The flowery green tea:
Rose (heart chakra)
Eucalyptus (throat chakra)
Jasmin (third eye chakra)
Lavender (crown chakra) + (if I can find lotus i’l put it in the mix)



Pokemon sun and moon doesn’t specify your gender!!

EDIT: so later on in the game I was actually referred to as a girl, since I chose the feminine avatar, which is unfortunate that it doesn’t seem to hold up the whole game through. i made this post right when i began playing and genuinely thought it was because they were going to keep the player referred to neutrally, since the professor didn’t point out that i had chosen a “girl” option. still there is more diversity in pokemon now more than ever, and i’m hoping in the future the games will only continue to become more and more inclusive!