Venezuelans younger than 30 (majority of the pop) have not known any govt other than that of Hugo Chávez or Maduro. For them, “Chavismo” is the past…Blaming the CIA, the “fascist opposition,” or “dark international forces,” as Nicolas Maduro and his allies customarily do, has become fodder for parodies flooding YouTube. The concrete effects of 15 years of Chavismo are all too visible in empty shelves and overflowing morgues. The youth who are continuing to protest in almost all of Venezuela’s large cities, risking brutal beatings, savage torture, and death, are convinced that they will not have a better future unless the policies to which this government is strongly committed are changed. And the only government promise they believe is its pledge to stay the course regardless of results or what its opponents say.


Venezuelan Regime Kidnaps 2008 Friedman Prize Winner Yon Goicoechea

Pro-democracy leader Yon Goicoechea, winner of the 2008 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty, was arrested Monday in Venezuela. 

Goicoechea’s detention comes just prior to massive popular protests against the government that are planned for this Thursday. 

“Sticking to the pattern it has followed over the past few years as the crisis has deepened, the regime is doubling down on repression rather than adjusting to political or economic reality,” says Cato scholar Ian Vásquez. “His kidnapping shows just how insecure the regime has become and the importance of speaking truth to power.

Diosdado Cabello, the second most powerful person in the regime, publicly announced that the government had arrested Yon on the bogus claim that he was carrying explosives. In the video broadcast on national television, Cabello referred to the $500,000 Friedman Prize award that Yon received as evidence that Yon was some sort of foreign-employed agent bent on terrorism.

“That man was trained by the U.S. empire for years,” Cabello said, “It looks like his money ran out and he wants to come here to seek blood. They gave him the order there in the United States.”

This is an old trick of the Chavista regime—distract attention from the severe political, economic and social crisis that it has inflicted on the country. Venezuela’s so-called Socialism of the 21st Century has produced shortages of everything from food and water, to medicine and electricity. Hunger is becoming widespread, the rate of violence is among the worst in the world, and the regime has become extremely unpopular.

Nobody is sure exactly where Yon is being held or under what conditions (though we believe he is in a cell at the headquarters of the secret police in Caracas). The Venezuelan government stopped being democratic and respecting the rule of law years ago, but we nevertheless call on it to release Yon immediately and treat him with the basic rights to due process that should be afforded to any Venezuelan citizen.

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Venezuela Mayhem Right Now


Things are not good in Venezuela right now. People are on the streets. Students, workers and citizens worried about the Cuban invasion march in more than 9 states. The police at this moment watch the TUPAMAROS, which is a Government backed thugs, shot and kidnap people protesting against Nicolas Maduro regime. All the newspapers are censored and the TV is afraid to report on any of the protest. Check Twitter and search #lasalida or #TUPAMAROS and you can see the mess in Venezuela.

My profile image is in support of those people back in my country protesting on the streets.

(vía Juan Gonzalez)

I know, I respect the tragedy in Boston, I pray and support for all those injuried and dead people and they families, I am really sorry for that.

But in Venezuela it’s happening another reality too, another “some kind of"civil war. Yesterday we had an elections and Maduro was announced as President but in this case, by fraud and we have been enduring that bullshit from "our government for almost 14 years. It’s time for change, it’s time for a new beggining my Venezuela. Please spread this image to all the world to let them know that we’re fighting for our rights, for a nice good safe place to live, for our people, for everything!

To all my non-Spanish speaking FB and Tumblr contacts:

Right now I am very concerned about what is happening to my country. These legislative elections are pretty important for Venezuela because things are very, very bad, as you may know.

Censorship, State terrorism and an untruthful elections system (which is allowing almost ALL THE THINGS a true system shouldn’t allow to the government) are suffocating our democracy. If you are fed up with this, I hope you can understand my position. I try to stay positive, but things here are very harsh.

I’ll work as an electoral witness in my electoral domicile in order to help to restore democracy in my country, but the path won’t be easy and I don’t know what will happen the day after December 6th. Nicolás Maduro is threatening people with violence if his representatives and members of the National Assembly wouldn’t win their seats.

My only wish is to be wrong and these elections take place in peace.
Greetings and I hope we can stay in touch the day after the election…

Hagamos “Semántica” analizando la prensa española tras los acontecimientos de ayer.

Profesores radicales, jajajajajaja el diario País con sus terminologías de complicidad, realmente me indigna esto como profesor, que Maten en latinoamerica a quienes pidan educación digna para los niños y jóvenes del continente.

Y como los canales privados, con su libertad de prensa harán “copy and paste” de esta y otras noticias, sin añadirles mayor análisis.

Esto no es periodismo, es publicidad, devuelvan sus títulos universitarios.