Venezuelans younger than 30 (majority of the pop) have not known any govt other than that of Hugo Chávez or Maduro. For them, “Chavismo” is the past…Blaming the CIA, the “fascist opposition,” or “dark international forces,” as Nicolas Maduro and his allies customarily do, has become fodder for parodies flooding YouTube. The concrete effects of 15 years of Chavismo are all too visible in empty shelves and overflowing morgues. The youth who are continuing to protest in almost all of Venezuela’s large cities, risking brutal beatings, savage torture, and death, are convinced that they will not have a better future unless the policies to which this government is strongly committed are changed. And the only government promise they believe is its pledge to stay the course regardless of results or what its opponents say.


New WikiLeaks cable reveals US embassy strategy to destabilize Chavez government
April 6, 2013

In a secret US cable published online by WikiLeaks, former ambassador to Venezuela, William Brownfield, outlines a comprehensive plan to infiltrate and destabilize former President Hugo Chavez’ government.

Dispatched in November of 2006 by Brownfield – now an Assistant Secretary of State – the document outlined his embassy’s five core objectives in Venezuela since 2004, which included: penetrating Chavez’ political base,” “dividing Chavismo,” “protecting vital US business” and “isolating Chavez internationally.

The memo, which appears to be totally un-redacted, is plain in its language of involvement in these core objectives by the US embassy, as well as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), two of the most prestigious agencies working abroad on behalf of the US.

According to Brownfield, who prepared the cable specifically for US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the “majority” of both USAID and OTI activities in Venezuela were concerned with assisting the embassy in accomplishing its core objectives of infiltrating and subduing Chavez’ political party:

This strategic objective represents the majority of USAID/OTI work in Venezuela. Organized civil society is an increasingly important pillar of democracy, one where President Chavez has not yet been able to assert full control.”

In total, USAID spent some one million dollars in organizing 3,000 forums that sought to essentially reconcile Chavez supporters and the political opposition, in the hopes of slowly weaning them away from the Bolivarian side.

Brownfield at one point boasted of an OTI civic education program named “Democracy Among Us,” which sought to work through NGOs in low income regions, and had allegedly reached over 600,000 Venezuelans.

In total, between 2004 and 2006, USAID donated some 15 million dollars to over 300 organizations, and offered technical support via OTI in achieving US objectives which it categorized as seeking to reinforce democratic institutions.

Much of the memo details efforts to highlight instances of human rights violations, and sponsoring activists and members of the political opposition to attend meetings abroad and voice their concerns against the Chavez administration:

“So far, OTI has sent Venezuelan NGO leaders to Turkey, Scotland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay, Washington and Argentina (twice) to talk about the law. Upcoming visits are planned to Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.”

In his closing comments, Brownfield remarked that, should President Chavez win re-election during the December 2006 elections, OTI expected the “atmosphere for our work in Venezuela” to become more complicated.

Ultimately, it seems that the former ambassador’s memo wisely predicted a change in conditions. Following his re-election, President Chavez threatened to eject the US ambassador from Venezuela in 2007, amid accusations of interfering in internal state affairs.


Venezuela Mayhem Right Now


Things are not good in Venezuela right now. People are on the streets. Students, workers and citizens worried about the Cuban invasion march in more than 9 states. The police at this moment watch the TUPAMAROS, which is a Government backed thugs, shot and kidnap people protesting against Nicolas Maduro regime. All the newspapers are censored and the TV is afraid to report on any of the protest. Check Twitter and search #lasalida or #TUPAMAROS and you can see the mess in Venezuela.

My profile image is in support of those people back in my country protesting on the streets.

(vía Juan Gonzalez)

I know, I respect the tragedy in Boston, I pray and support for all those injuried and dead people and they families, I am really sorry for that.

But in Venezuela it’s happening another reality too, another “some kind of"civil war. Yesterday we had an elections and Maduro was announced as President but in this case, by fraud and we have been enduring that bullshit from "our government for almost 14 years. It’s time for change, it’s time for a new beggining my Venezuela. Please spread this image to all the world to let them know that we’re fighting for our rights, for a nice good safe place to live, for our people, for everything!

Violence in Venezuela

Last sunday, we had presidential elections here in Venezuela. After several incidents that, in any other democratic country, would invalidate the process, it was determined by the CNE (the “impartial” organization that manages elections in Venezuela, which is not impartial at all, as many pieces of evidence suggest) that the candidate from the ruling party that has had the power for more than 14 years, had won. It was a fraud. Everyone knows, and there’s proof of it. Actually, other countries don’t even acknowledge Nicolás Maduro as the president. The candidate that actually won the elections stated that it was his right, and the right of all the venezuelans who voted for him, to ask for a recount of the votes. The CNE refused thoroughly, with no acceptable excuse for it. After that, a series of violent events have taken place in Venezuela, where the national guard and police have attacked civilians that were manifesting against this awful abuse of power, and other clear acts of injustice. The illegitimate president has warned that he’s going to radicalize the “revolution”, and that he’s going to arrest Capriles Radonski, the actual president of Venezuela, and other members of his party. Besides, the government has people pretending to be on the opposing party’s side, and has had them perform punishable actions such as damaging public and private property, so it appears that Capriles and his followers are at fault.

This is a dictatorship. 

I’m attaching a couple of videos from said violence toward the civilians.

Please, spread the word, and feel free to investigate further on this matter.

I wanted to add, since I’ve seen some attempts to justify this, that I’m a venezuelan, and I’ve experienced first hand a lot of the things that I just detailed. Besides, you can ask any venezuelan about the economic crisis we’ve been suffering since Chávez assumed power 14 years ago, the expropiations, the rise of crime, the damage to international relations and a general decline in the quality of life.