chavez viva


Check out this recent donation! A 2006 cereal box celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. It was singed by Helen Chavez (wife of Cesar Chavez) with “Viva La Causa”. Just in case you’re wondering, the box was sealed and still had cereal! Our preservation department carefully opened and removed the cornflakes. Do you have any cool artifacts documenting Mexican American history?

Fuck that people that supports the “bolivarian revolution” in their safe, comfy capitalist country, people that don’t have to do a queue of 4 hours since 5-6 am to buy food because there’s scarcity, people that don’t have to be afraid of being robbed, murdered or kidnapped just because of their phones or jewelry or if the criminals feels like it. Fuck it because we live in fear while people in front of the Venezuelan embassy in NY are supporting “the bolivarian revolution fuck usa viva chavez”. Fuck it all.