“Trump is the forerunner of a new, authoritarian and chauvinist international movement. They stand for a return to the bad old times. In which women belonged in the kitchen or in the bed, gays belonged in jail and unions belong at the children’s table. And if you refuse to keep your mouth shut about it, you’ll be ripped apart in public.”

- Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor


abhorrent, abominable, abrasive, abusive, adolescent, anarchist, anomalistic, antagonistic, arrogant, artless, bad, bad-mannered, bad-tempered, barbaric, baste, corrupt, beastiy, bellicose,belligerent,big talking, big-headed, bizarre, boastful, boorish,brusque, brutish, bush-league, callow, chauvinist, cheap, childlike,churlish, classless, clownish, coarse, cocky, conceited, concupiscent, crass, creepy, crude, damaging, dangerous, deleterious, …


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All right, fuckers. Lets talk about Rat Queens, the comic so amazing I breezed through all three volumes in a day and a half and then almost cried because there was no more to read

For decades, the fantasy genre has had that moniker not just because it dealt with fantastical things like dragons, magic, elves, and other such things, but because it was also a genre where men’s chauvinistic fantasies ran wild, where women were often little more than helpless damsels in need of being rescued, and even the ones who weren’t were dressed up as objects of male fantasy, wearing armor that made no sense, which served no practical purpose. It was all about the male gaze, it dominated the genre for a very long time.

In recent years there has been an effort to overthrow that long standing norm. Many have pushed back (such as the pathetic “Puppy” movement at the Hugo awards recently, a group of voters who banded together specifically to get works that were pro-women, pro-poc, and pro-lgbtq+ to lose) and the result has been a renaissance of the genre, with projects that are inclusive of all genders, sexual identities, and races. Recently these previously ignored or demeaned groups have come to the forefront, leading several titles in the genre.

One of those title is Rat Queens, a comic about an all-female team of adventurers living and adventuring in a D&D style world.

Note: I read all three volumes, so there are some teeny spoilers, but I avoided anything really big. And most of it is character stuff and not plot stuff.

The Rat Queens are violent and magically inclined badasses, but they’re also introverts, nerds, hipsters, stoners, and emotional fuck up. Despite the fact that they use swords and magic to take down monsters in a fantasy world, they’re real.

They also obliterate the idea of what a sexy female fantasy character is. They have wide hips and big thighs, flat chests and real boobs that are sometimes floppy. Their tummies roll when they bend over. These aren’t four female fantasy characters with the same unrealistic, typically sexy body. Their bodies are all very different, and they’re all very sexy.

Hanna would probably be considered the leader of the group, if the Rat Queens really had a leader. She’s a half-elven demon who desperately tries to had that latter part. She’s also a skilled magic user, relying more on her spells than her blades in a fight. She’s a loud mouth, surly, combative, and wonderfully vulgar. 

She’s also in an incredibly complicated relationship with the head of the city’s guard, Sawyer. 

Her story and backstory really does seem to anchor most of the story, but I really think that’s just because the story is unfortunately finished. We were definitely getting foundation to really explore the other characters’ stories in more depth, but stuff behind the scenes caused the series to be put on hold indefinitely, so they never got to the point of digging into the other characters like they did Hannah. (I’ll talk about the behind-the-scenes drama at the end of the post).

Dee is an incredibly powerful cleric who just happens to not believe in the deity that grants her powers. She was raised in a cult that worshiped an ancient god and she learned her powerful magic there, but she had doubts that led to her leaving home to figure things out on her own. 

She’s also a nerd and an introvert who prefers a book to most people. She struggles with how much she misses her family, and the pain of leaving behind her parents, her siblings, and her husband while also struggling with her faith. 

Like Hannah, she also favors magic in a fight, but where she really comes in handy is with her curiosity and her fondness for research. One of the things that I really like about Dee is how not sexual her character is. Not because the sexuality displayed by the other characters is bad (quite the contrary) but because every woman is different when it comes to their sexual appetite and their enjoyment of sex, and it’s wonderful to see a character for whom sex and romantic relationships is not a major part of their arc.

Violet is a hipster dwarf who loves stabbing things with her sword. As long as too many other people don’t start loving it, too. Whereas Dee and Hannah use powerful magic in fights, Violet charges in pointy end first, looking to cut apart as many baddies as possible.

She’s also a huge dork who tries so hard at being badass that it almost negates her actually badassery at times. She’s very, very much a hipster, who left her life with the dwarves and shaved off her beard because she felt stifled by her culture, and then grew the beard back when she saw that other dwarven women were shaving their beards, too.

She also really likes sex. While Hannah and Betty are definitely sex-positive and definitely have sex during the course of the story, I think Violet is probably shown to be the most sex-positive and most sexually active. Her boyfriend is an Orc named Dave (or “Orc Dave”, as he’s a member of a group of adventurers called “The Four Daves”) and she is not subtle about the fact that she wants him, and she is not shy about sharing the facts of their sex life once she has him.

Finally, there’s Betty, the cutest little smidgen ever (from the art, I’m guessing “smidgen” is equivalent to gnome). Betty likes drinking, fighting, candy, drugs, and girls. And, specifically, one girl.  

Betty’s got it bad for a chick named Faeyri, but Faeyri’s not crazy about Betty’s friends, especially Hannah, who can get pretty combative when drinking. In between all the fighting, the adventuring, and the magic, we get a sweet little love story that actually presents a relationship with very real and honest problems.

While Betty loves to get stabby, and while her small size often serves as an advantage in battle, her greatest contribution to the group might be her skills as a thief and her ability to read people. She can look at any place and figure out how to get her teeny tiny form into it in the most covert way, and she can look at any person and read them look a book. 

But no matter how clever she is, she’s still a huge weirdo who loves candy, drugs, and her friends.

The women of Rat Queens are all so different in so many respects, and they’re all so flawed and real. The series is hysterically funny, full of so much heart, and a must read for any fantasy fan who loves well written female characters. This fast became one of my vert, very favorite comics of all time.

Unfortunately there are only three collected volumes + one issue. The original artist was arrested for domestic abuse, and though he ultimately wasn’t charged, he was not brought back to continue as the series’ artist. They did find a new artist for what would be the third volume, but ultimately, according to the series’ writer Kurtis Wiebe, they didn’t really mesh, and now the comic is on hiatus indefinitely. From searching around the internet it looks like the plan is to eventually continue it as a web comic, but Wiebe is currently writing the new series Bounty (which is another great female-led comic, this time taking on the also-until-recently male dominated genre of sci-fi. I’ve only read the first issue but I adored it, and I can’t wait for the TP to come out, which will happen the day after my birthday), so I’m not sure when it’s actually going to happen.

While it’s definitely a bummer that the story just kind of… stops, and we don’t know for sure when it will continue, you have to read Rat Queens if you have any kind of appreciation for stories led by strong female characters, and especially if you’ve been disappointed by other fantasy stories, and especially if that disappointment largely came from the misogyny, lack of diversity, and homophobia in the writing. I’m getting emotional from how much I love Rat Queens, that’s how good this series is.

I honestly hate Mon-El

Like I hate him. I think he’s an annoying, stupid, inconsiderate, jerkfaced fuckboy, and I can’t stand him.

Kara sure as hell deserves a whole lot better!

She actually has better. James and Winn are both clearly still in love with her; James might be being kind of reckless and chauvinistic with his whole ‘Guardian’ thing this season but it comes from a good place and he’s always shown that he genuinely cares about Kara; and Winn is her “best friend in the world” – and that is an actual quote from Kara in the episode “Livewire” – and he’s so brilliant and sweet and thoughtful and protective and has shown time and time again that he would do literally anything for Kara; and those two are just the hetero options. 
She also has Lena Luthor - kind, smart, sophisticated, lovely Lena - making heart eyes at her at least once every other episode.

The writers should either start writing Mon-El as wonderfully as they write all the other characters on this show or send him packing back to Daxom, ‘cause I feel like he is literally everything that is wrong with this season so far.

I am not down with Mon-El/Kara. Just. No. Please no.

The Witcher 3 Anti-Feminism Rant

Ok, I’m just going to get this straight. This is for those of you who buy in to Anita Sarkeesian’s and that other blogger who accused The Witcher 3 of being an anti-feminist title; and let me remind you, without knowing any fucking clue about The Witcher series in general.

Let me tell you something to get through your thick skull on how well the game presented feminism without being too bloody preachy:

  • Ciri’s final fight with the Wild Hunt. Let’s fuckin face it, unless you actually played the game, you would never see this event. This is the time where Ciri finally accepted her Elder Blood gift and pretty much destroyed the entire battalion of Wild Hunt by teleporting around the battlefield. I love Geralt and his journey through all Witcher series, but even I have to say that was fucking bad ass. Ciri literally handled an entire battalion of elite spectre who has been hunting her on her own, and more often than not, killing them in one strike. 
  • While we’re at it, let’s talk about The Elder Blood. Since you are most likely too dense to learn about the world of the Witcher, I’ll summarize it for you. The Elder Blood is a curse/gift that passed down genetically. It allows the one with the gift to travel through time and space at will - among other things; something that not even an elven sage can do. They are a very powerful curse/gift and often heralded as harbinger of death and destruction. Guess who have this power? that’s right, Ciri!
  • Ciri or Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Queen of Cintra, Princess of Brugee and Duchess of Sodeen. She’s also the heiress to Inis Ard Skellig and Inis An Skellig, and suzeraine of Attre and Abb Yarra. Let me simplify for your sake, SHE IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  • No, the whole story was not about a damsel in distress waiting for Geralt of Rivia to save her. Ciri has been avoiding The Wild Hunt on her own long before Geralt was tasked to find her. Let me remind you that Geralt often view her as his adopted daughter. When he scoured half the world to find her, that’s because that’s what fathers do! This is a story about Ciri finally accepting her gift and growing up to the greatness she has been destined to all along. If that’s not about female empowerment, I don’t know what is.
  • Triss Merigold, one of the smartest, funniest, and the most tenacious and powerful sorceress the world has ever seen. She saved the entire mages population of Novigrad from mass annihilation. Oh and let me remind you that she is now the royal advisor of the King of Kovir, made a shit load of money, and the new leader of the newly reformed Lodge of Sorceresses. And I made my Geralt marry her because let’s face it, while Geralt and Yen might have the sexual passion, Geralt and Triss have that too plus a real loving relationship.
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg; one of the most powerful and gifted sorceress the Witcher’s universe has ever known. She is currently the only sorceress who is capable of casting necromancy spell on the fly without much effort. Oh right, she’s also the mage advisor of the Emperor of Nilfgaard and the current royal advisor to Empress Cirilla. 
  • Ciri’s final fight with the Wild Hunt.
  • While we’re at it, you accused Geralt to be the embodiment of toxic masculinity because he can only display an emotion of rage? How fucking dare you! Geralt of Rivia is a stern man who does not often display his emotion, but he is a very well developed character. He is fiercely loyal, deeply protective to people he cares about, and will move mountains to see them smile. Geralt of Rivia is what a man should aim to be, not to have him chastised. Geralt doesn’t smile much you say? Are you kidding me?! There only one thing that can make Geralt smiles. When those he cares about are happy and smiled for him. And if you just played the bloody game, you’d see that the rare moments that he managed to smile were absolutely beautiful. 
  • I’m not going to even discuss the Lodge of Sorceresses. Triss, Yen, Phillipa, Rita, Kira, Sabrina, Sheala, Francesca, Assire, Fringilla and Ida are few of the world’s strongest mages. Their power were so feared that King Radovid of Redania decreed every mages as heretics. These are all females, and each one of them has their own amazing qualities that I won’t even bother discussing.

That’s it, I’m done. There are more examples to counter the feminist rant, but this is what I think are the more prominent ones.  TL;DR version of this is, I don’t care if you’re Anita Sarkeesian or whatever, but if you come after The Witcher series as an example of your feminism rant, you’re coming at the wrong bloody series. And we, the true fan of the Witcher will not stand idly by while you’re stating poisonous lies about this beautiful universe. You even admitted yourself that you never played or read The Witcher before making this accusation, which simply make your allegation even more pathetic.

Maybe next time instead of talking out of your ass, do a bit more research on your subject. 

You’re a joke. 

“Am I sexually attractive?”

I demanded. His eyes always reminded me of coffee drops, with their warm golden-brown color. Now they went completely round, enhancing the resemblance.

Then they narrowed, but he didn’t answer immediately. He looked me over carefully, head to toe.

“It’s a trick question, right?” he said. “I give you an answer and one of those libbers jumps out from behind the door, yells ‘Sexist pig!’ And hits me over the head with a sign that says ‘Castrate Male Chauvinists.’ Huh?”

“No,” I assured him. “A sexist male chauvinist answer is basically what I want.”

“Oh, okay. As long as we’re straight, then.” He resumed his perusal, squinting closely as I stood up straight.

“Skinny white broad with too much hair, but a great ass,” he said at last. “Nice tits, too,” he added, with a cordial nod. “That what you want to know?”

“Yes,” I said relaxing my rigid posture. That’s exactly what I wanted to know. It isn’t the sort of question you can ask just anybody.”

He pursed his lips in a silent whistle, then threw back his head and roared with delight.

“Lady Jane! You’ve got you a man!”

I felt the blood rising in my cheeks, but tried to keep my dignity. “I don’t know. Maybe. Just maybe.”

“Maybe, hell! Jesus Christ on a piece of toast, L. J., it’s about time!”

“Kindly quit cackling,” I said, lowering myself into his visitor’s chair.

Claire and Joe, Voyager.

I love this exchange between these two! It’s just so honest and on such a deep level of friendship and trust. Plus his description of her is priceless lol #FriendshipGoals

No man is in any real physical danger on the internet— or even in real life — from feminists. Women are regularly beaten and raped — even on college campuses — but I know of no instance where a man found himself a victim of violence for making a sexist remark in a feminist setting.
—  Hugo Schwyzer, on the use of the term “male bashing" 
Real feminism

Is a pathetic self loathing slut drinking a bowl of cum, throwing it up, and then feverishly slurping it back up with gratitude while being laughed at by the cruelest of chauvinists.

In order to transform and modernise the country, the Communist Party of Albania (later known as the Party of Labour of Albania [PLA] encouraged Albanian women to participate in agricultural and industrial development projects. Enver Hoxha, general secretary of the PLA, maintained that:

“… if the woman lags behind and is not at the forefront of the struggle for the construction of the bases of socialism, the country cannot advance; the economy cannot prosper, and life cannot become more beautiful. The woman is a factor of first-rate importance in the development and advancement of the country.”

Hoxha continuously struggled to combat male chauvinistic tendencies of some of the PLA members who opposed increasing female participation in both the party and the state apparatus. During a speech to the party conference, Hoxha addressed the issue and maintained that although socialist relations of production had been established and the oppressive classes no longer existed, there is a need for a revolution in the arena of people’s attitude and mentality because there are people, even communists and party officials, who still have prejudiced attitudes towards women and believe in bourgeois notions of man’s alleged spiritual and physical superiority over women. These prejudices, Hoxha argued:

“… are lying hidden in the skulls of communists, prejudices that have been weakened, but that still exist, that it is the man’s job to run the state’s affairs and that it should, therefore, be men who lead the party. We must combat and eradicate these notions… Women must really feel they are members of their own party, that they are leaders through the party, that they take an active party in working out their own party’s decisions, and that they carry them out and watch over them through their active revolutionary contributions to life, to production and to the management of concerns.

The PLA leadership waged a consistent ideological struggle to combat misogyny and the treatment of women as sex objects. During a speech, Hoxha told party members that:

”…you must consider women as your companions in life and at work. Behave as comrades and brothers with them, and see to it that your relations with them are friendly, open, sincere, and honourable. Encourage young women to take part in discussions at meetings, and to criticise you when you are wrong. Do not be angry with them when they criticise you.“

The PLA’s policy of women’s emancipation was supported by women throughout the country and motivated women even more to join the party. The number of party members during 1948-1967 rose from 45,382 to 101,500.

In 1967 female members of the party were estimated to be 8,280, or 12.4 per cent of the party’s membership and their numbers grew in subsequent years. Women constituted 30 per cent of the party’s membership in the early 1980’s. Women occupied leading positions in the party’s hierarchy. Lenka Cuko served as a member of the party’s politburo, Vito Kap, Nexhmije Hoxha, and Fiqret Shehu were members of the Central Committee of the party and Lumturi Rexha served as the first secretary of Central Committee of the Labour Youth Union of Albania.

In addition to this, women also held important positions in the state apparatus and other civilian establishments. There were two women ministers. Themie Thomai served as minister of agriculture. She made her way to the top position working as a labourer in the fields, work brigade and head of an agricultural co-operative. Tefta Cami replaced Thoma Deliana as minister of education and culture. There were only three female deputies in the people’s assembly in 1948 and their number increased in subsequent years to the extent that in 1970 there were 72 female deputies out of a total of 740 deputies to the Albania’s Peoples Assembly.

In the mid-1980’s, women comprised 30 per cent of the deputies to the peoples assembly, 30 per cent of the members of the Supreme Court, and 30.6 per cent of those elected to party forums and 40.7 per cent of the members of the Peoples Councils.

—  Hafizullah Emadi, Women’s Emancipation and Strategy of Development in Albania (1992)
STOP a lil my dear followers

Today we lost a defender of the LGBTQ community

Today Juan Gabriel died in EU because of a heart attack, he was an important singer in México! maybe the most important one! he was a BIG defender of the LGBTQ community! Mexico is a male chauvinist country, one with a close mind but this man! THIS MAN made his dream a reality! against all the hate in this country he could be what he wanted! and that’s something very brave!

Rest in peace Juanga!

reasons why I procrastinate :

  • I’m bored 
  • There are too many exciting things around 
  • There are too many exciting things in my mind
  • There are too many exciting things to look forward to
  • I’m too tired to work but not tired enough to sleep 
  • I don’t even realize time is flying away
  • I know the lyrics of the songs playing in the background
  • Fictional ships are amazing 
  • Fictional worlds as well 
  • I’m hungry 
  • I have to learn 3600 theories made by other people, by heart, while I don’t especially share all of their views nor agree with everything they say/said and still fucking have to write 20 pages about them while I just believe it’s mostly bullshit (like if my marks should depend on how much I do understand some chauvinist and classist and whatever bullshit..)
  • I want to sleep
  • Tumblr, and people’s beautiful aesthetics on here
  • The world is too beautiful; nature is too wonderful
  • The thing I have to do seems irrelevant to me right now
  • The thing is actually very relevant to me, so I’d really like to put all of my energy into it, but don’t actually feel like I’m having this energy at the moment, thus doing the thing now wouldn’t do it any justice in my head
  • I think I will have enough time, even if it’s last minute
  • I’m just too fucking used to procrastinating