chauvet's cave


Chauvet Cave, located in southern France, is a cave that contatin the earliest—and best preserved cave paintings in the world. The images are from the Upper Paleolithic period and are at least 37 000 years old, but aside from the intricate paintings, the cave was also discovered to contain the fossilized remains of various extinct animals and plants.

One of the larger cave painting sites, Chauvet Cave is embedded into limestone cliffs and the sheer quantity of paintings and artwork is in itself spectacular, nevermind the size and quality of the pictures (which are themselves remarkable). What the images depict is also unique compared to other finds of this nature. As opposed to specifically painting typical herbivores (likely the quarry of prehistoric human hunters), the cave also depicts predatory animals as well, such as cave lions, panthers, bears, and hyenas. All told, there are at least 13 different species depicted in the paintins, including rhinoceroses. These images do not exist outside of context, however, and many of them depict complex scenes or interaction between species and other artistic and more abstract depictions (such as red ochre reliefs of hands, and other lines and dashes).

Chauvet Cave recently re-entered the public eye just this past March when a researchers recently claimed that the cave depicts various volcanic eruptions and that such paintings are the first time humans recorded and depicted those eruptions in history. Splashes of red ochre and what appears to be an impromptu dive into deeply abstract imagery (a notable departure from some fairly realistic animals) would seem to support this hypothesis.

The cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unfortunately has been off limits to the public since 1994. As with the caves in Lascaux, frequent human activity inside the cave slowly cultivated a species of mould which could have damaged the paintings. A replica was opened to the public in April, 2015.

Paint Box

His muddied hand moves over

the volcanic canvas,

heavy anticipation,

shamanic foreboding,

primordial paint box ready;

hematite, limonite and umber,

charcoal eyes and burnt bones,

the powdered ghost of calcite.

The clutch of lame horse hair

strokes the tufted contours of where

a docile mammoth might ponder,

circling the impulse of a defiant auroch.

The movement might glide over

the whistling trajectory

of spears and rocks, brutal comets,

a cruel omen on trembling grazers.

A brush might sweep over

the first curse of Winter

or the green favour of Spring.

Leaf fall or new shoot

no more than palette choice.

The hand pauses,

ready to transcribe time itself,

sealing a soul under animal fat.

The daub of eternity;

the passing of here and now.

Written by The Silicon Tribesman

Hiding Place

A bear of a blizzard drove us to this cave, exhausted;

a soundscape of weighty water drops, angry echoes

and lichen cushioned stone clatters in the starless dark.

A timid fire caught the fear in your long journey eyes;

we whispered, joked with shadows and diluted laughter

as small, anticipatory things scurried between damp rocks.

Within the chambers of the interior, a growl, a sleepy snort.

My eyes closed; weary imagination battled tooth and claw.

Morning revealed an exhausted hearth and three scratches;

angry assertions in the chalky boulder next to my bleary head.

You bit your lip, formed a tiny fold with your silent mouth;

a micro recess where terror peered out to emerging light.

Written by The Silicon Tribesman

Swimming Reindeer

Sculpture from Mammoth Ivory, 13,000 BCE or earlier

Ice shatters, plunging the playful pair down,

submerging sound, their bodies current contorted,

shaking the burrs of bubbles free, a fearsome flurry.

Laden with summer bounty bellies, heavy haunched,

they struggle, see Pyrenean peaks liquify in light

before glacial meltwaters drive them downstream.

You carve out this moment, show animal instinct,

turn tusk to totem, freeze motion with fireside flint,

shape permanence, challenge seasons in our shelter

before ravening ice drives us, hungry hunters, south.

Written by The Silicon Tribesman

anonymous asked:

Hi beautiful! Which ones are your favorites paintings, Books or short poems, ways to spend the day? 💛💛💛💛

 a brief list, because I could talk about each for entire afternoons…

Olympia, Eduard Manet
The Drowing Dog, Francisco Goya
Saint George and the Dragon, Raphael
Dream of the Fishermans Wife, Hokusai
St. George & the Dragon, Briton Riviera
The Virgin, Gustav Klimt
Fayum Mummy Portraits
Portrait of Édouard Manet,Henri Fantin-Latour
Wall of Horses, Chauvet Caves
Die grossen blauen Pferde (The Large Blue Horses), Franz Marc
The First Part of the Return from Parnassus, Cy Twombly
La Gitana Tropical, Victor Manuel Garcia
Mary with the Child and Singing Angels, Sandro Botticelli
Zen Master and a Tiger, Shi K’o
Ophelia, John Everett Millias
Lady Godiva, James Collier

Short Poems
A Crazed Girl, William Butler Yeats
But I sleep Alone, Sappho
To the Poem, Adonis
En el café, Evaristo Carriego
“Not Honey” Hymen, H.D.
Marina of the Rocks, Odysseus Elytis
A Dream of Winter, Arthur Rimbaud
A Community of the Spirit, Rumi
In The Summer, Nizar Qabbani
Sunday Morning, Wallace Stevens
Witch Wife, Edna St. Vincent Millay
Fable of the Mermaids and the Drunks, Pablo Neruda
La Casada Infiel, Federico Garcia Lorca
Venus Anadyomene, Arthur Rimbaud
The Mermaid, William Butler Yeats
Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam, Ernest Dowson
The Pedigree of Honey, Emily Dickinson

Ways to spend a day 

Bake decadent desserts
giant strawberry merengue cake
ancient russian honey cookies
Irish Vanilla raspberry cream cake
Lavender shortcake
Prinsesstårta(Swedish Princess cake)

Read Rilke in the bath
Rilke letters 1892-1910
dried roses and lavender bath bombs
ancient bath recipes 
lavender milk bath

Make pottery 
Collect red Clay in your backyard
Making clay in your kitchen
build a potters wheel
Fire your own pottery

Watch nature documentaries
The Amazon
Wild Sri Lanka- Forest of Clouds 
The Balkans 
Arctic Kingdom 

off shoulder peasant dress
cotton shorts

find your local swimming hole (and keep it secret!)