Heart of Regret || chatwithjack.

Jack… You’re out there somewhere. I’ll find you, and not give up until I do. I owe you that, at the least…

Gazing down at the worn paper in her fragile grasp, corners bent and worn from use daily, Elisa’s eyes peered down into the blue pair staring up at her on the parchment. What was in her grasp? Well, in bold inked words read, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON? Below that was a sketched picture of a young man. Pale skin, bright blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair that was borderline white. Simply staring at the illustration had her stomach in knots. Guilt and affection were not a good combination.

Elisa had to find the cause to her pain, her longing. She had to find him. Jack Snip. That was the name written under his illustration on her poster. She had been a fool to not see that her true knight had been with her all along..and she let him slip through her fingers.

Winter was nearly here, and that meant so was he. Perhaps the only person to cheer her up in such a hopeless time. The only person she had loved for as long as she could remember, even if she had never seen him. “Jack Frost.” Her bright eyes shot to the grey sky, a smile lighting up her face for the first time in a month. Little did she know that Frost and Snip were the same person.

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Propane Nightmares [@chatwithjack]

He sat back on his heels, blinking as Jack’s sudden movement. What was going on with his brother? All he had done was asked if he was alright. That wasn’t any need for such a sudden reaction. So, what was the problem? The worry only intensified. Something had happened. It was the only explanation. More greyface magic? They had their fair share of run-ins with the magic, so it wasn’t a complete shot in the dark. Could it be a physical pain, though? Something other than magic? Too many possibilities for him to figure it out on his own. Could he get anything from Jack, though? 

It hurt to see that his brother was so quick to pull away from him, that Jack was unable to even pull himself off of the ground. Jax winced, letting his arm drop to his side. They were brothers. They were there for each other, right? He had to try something. Regardless if Jack wanted his help, he had to try. There was no way he was going to leave him here, in the road and in pain.

Jax moved closer to his brother, moving slowly without making any sudden movements, speaking slowly. “Easy, Jack.” He couldn’t hide some of the pain from his voice, the pain that his brother would react so harshly to him. It clicked, hearing that pleading voice. Jack was scared of him. That hurt more than anything else.

“It’s me.” A small pause, Jax close to tears though not a drop fell from his eyes. “Jax.” He took a breath to steady his voice, running a hand quickly through his hair. “I’m not going to hurt you. Just… tell me what’s wrong.” He drew closer, but stayed just out of his twin’s reach. Waiting. That’s what he told himself he was doing. Waiting to make sure his double was okay with him approaching any farther.

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North paced around his office nervously. He kept messing with his beard and fumbling with a trinket he grabbed off his desk. The door suddenly opened, Phil poking his head in. North straightened in surprise and turned to Phil.

“Haven’t I told- Is he here? Oh no! Is it ready?! Stall him!”

Phil opened the door more and put up his hands to calm down the Russian. He grumbled to him, telling North that Jack wasn’t here, he just came to tell him that the room was ready.

North took a breath to calm himself. “Alright, let’s go see it then." 

Phil turned to walk out of the office and North followed after him. The room Phil lead North to was in the same hallway as his own. Several doors down, on the opposite side. Phil paused in front of the door and opened it, standing aside to let North in. 

He looked around the room with a scrutinizing eye. He walked towards the bed near the wall adjacent to the door. 

"Do you think he’ll like how the bed feels? Would he want more pillows? Less pillows? What about the color, you think he’ll like it? Should it be a darker blue? Lighter?”

Phil interrupted North with a loud grumble. He placed a hand on the man’s shoulder, reassuring him that Jack will like it. 

“I hope you’re right Phil.”

Phil scrunched up his face, grumbling. North patted a hand on the yeti’s back, laughing.

“You’re right, he will like it.”

A knock on the door frame caught their attentions. Another yeti stood at the door. He grumbled, informing them that Jack was in the workshop, waiting for North. 

“Let’s go.” North said, walking out of the room with Phil. Before he went to meet Jack he closed the door to the room, giving it a hopeful look.