So I’m going to tell you guys a story about the person I really like.

Her name is Kida. And this is her cosplaying Jack Frost at Ohayocon.

So, every night at Ohayocon, me and Kida were cosplaying Jack Frost. She was Jack, and I was his genderbend who I’ve been calling Joyce. So, we were in the hotel lobby where they give a free dinner to their guests and we walk past, and there’s this little boy who goes “Mom! It’s Jack Frost!”

And his mother invited us both to sit with them and eat dinner. Now, he didn’t quite get that I was a girl Jack until a little later, but that’s not the point. The point is that Kida basically leaned towards this kid and was like “You can see me?”

The two of us sat with this little boy for a good hour or so, and he kept talking to Kida, convinced he was seeing Jack Frost. He was so amazed and excited that he told Jack that he had to protect himself from Pitch because he was a bad man and he meant business. He wanted to make sure Jack would protect himself and everyone else. At one point he got really quiet and said “You fell in the lake and died.” or something to that extent, to which Kida QUICKLY replied with “But the man in the moon saved me!” And that little boy just got so thrilled.

I swear, this kid was completely awestruck to meet Jack Frost, and it only got better.

The following night, on Sunday, we were still at the con, and once again, Kida and I were Jack and Joyce Frost. And we met him again. So I happened to have my camera and I snapped some pictures of them. This little boy kept telling Kida about all these other guardians that existed, and had all these great stories to tell who he believed was Jack Frost. And he and Kida wound up playing together, and I’ve never seen a little kid have so much fun before. It turned out that we all ended up going to the pool together, and it just didn’t stop.

Long story short: My friend Kida cosplayed Jack Frost and made a little boy happier than you could ever imagine. And as far as I’m concerned, this little boy is Kida’s Jamie Bennett.

In which I take a crack at this dying fandom business.

So there’s been a lot of concern posted across my dash spanning the last week or two about the RotG fandom shrinking and dying. I wanted to take a few seconds to kind of really look at it. Feel free to ignore this if you aren’t interested. I’ve tagged it as “Mun Rambles” so you can savior the post and not be bothered with my drivel.

I’ve also been losing followers, not necessarily in droves, but the numbers are a lot higher (and I’m losing them more frequently) than before. I’ve been hovering around 950 for two or so weeks now, each time the count climbs I seem to lose equal or more. So I’m at a kind of balance; a stabilization.

We may not like it, but as far as we know at the moment, we’re a single movie franchise. There’s no other films planned, there’s no TV series, no animated shorts, or any other new animated content planned. I don’t think it’s illogical to assume that, with no new content being generated by the copyright holders, the fandom will sort of stagnate and, yes, people will lose interest, and it will shrink.

We’ve had the movie release, we’ve had the DVD release, and we might see new fans and new blogs arise as the DVD continues to trickle down into new hands, but the numbers will be less significant than before. As the new fans stop showing up, and as bloggers and roleplayers start to drift off into newer or different franchises, the fandom’s likely to continue to shrink. But there’s also going to be a few of us, myself included, who will probably always be here. I know that a few of you others have vowed this same thing. So while the fandom is shrinking, and is likely to continue to do so, eventually it will stabilize. 

I’m nearly positive (And the HTTYD fandom can correct me here), that the How to Train Your Dragon fandom underwent a similar sort of stabilization before Rider’s of Berk or How to Train Your Dragon 2 were announced. The fandom never died, there were still dedicated, active bloggers and roleplayers, a close knit group of dedicated people, keeping things going, a stable group. HTTYD got their resurgence through HTTYD2 and Riders of Berk, their fandom’s growing again, and I’m really happy for them.

Our only “resurgence” event so to speak is likely to come in the form of the Guardians of Childhood books, especially with the next one having Jack involved in some capacity. This isn’t until October though and the fraction of the fandom who actually reads or knows about the novels is fairly small.

Until then, since Dreamworks isn’t generating any new content for us, they’ve kind of passed the buck onto us. It falls to the talented roleplayers such as Chatwithjack, Guardianofbelief, aheartascoldasice, browneyedtrickster, walmartcashierjackfrost, aghostnotaguardian, teenagejamiebennett, and jamie-bennett, as well as all the other amazing RPers to continue creating deep and engaging stories that people will want to follow. It falls to fandom blogs such as land-of-rotg to keep finding and bringing awesome content to the fandom. And it falls to the amazingly talented artists such as frosted-cocoa, Jibblyuniverse, the-guardian-of-fun, and pooka-curse to continue drawing interesting and fantastic content for their blogs, their ships, and the fandom. And finally, it falls to people like philtheyeti, people who care and are actively interested and engaged in the health and well being of the fandom, to remind people that there are still people here who care.

We’re not dead, and we aren’t going to die, but we are going to stabilize. 

Heart of Regret || chatwithjack.

Jack… You’re out there somewhere. I’ll find you, and not give up until I do. I owe you that, at the least…

Gazing down at the worn paper in her fragile grasp, corners bent and worn from use daily, Elisa’s eyes peered down into the blue pair staring up at her on the parchment. What was in her grasp? Well, in bold inked words read, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON? Below that was a sketched picture of a young man. Pale skin, bright blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair that was borderline white. Simply staring at the illustration had her stomach in knots. Guilt and affection were not a good combination.

Elisa had to find the cause to her pain, her longing. She had to find him. Jack Snip. That was the name written under his illustration on her poster. She had been a fool to not see that her true knight had been with her all along..and she let him slip through her fingers.

Winter was nearly here, and that meant so was he. Perhaps the only person to cheer her up in such a hopeless time. The only person she had loved for as long as she could remember, even if she had never seen him. “Jack Frost.” Her bright eyes shot to the grey sky, a smile lighting up her face for the first time in a month. Little did she know that Frost and Snip were the same person.

This list isn’t in any particular order, but these are the people who have made my experience here on tumblr absolutely extraordinary. I love all of my followers as well, so don’t be offended if you aren’t on here! It doesn’t mean I love you any less!


Love every single one of you~

Jack's Mom.

She was… beautiful, I’ll tell you that much. She was water personified the way Jack is winter personified -he got that aspect from her, by the way- and she was so, so /graceful/ and /flowing/, and watching her walk was better than watching professional skaters or ballerinas. She had this /magic/ around her, y’know?

Anyway, when Jack was born, risen, whatever you want to call it… Sacrifices had to be made. Jack’s mother had watched over him since he was a human boy, and so she had always been protective of him.

Jack died while the sun was out. I rose him at night. How do you think he was kept in ‘suspension’ during that period?

When you make someone immortal, you have to do it in a SPLIT second. New immortals tip the balance, so if you tried to make an already dead person come back to life AND be immortal, well…

… It’s bad, to say the least.

So Jack had to have one little spark of life left in him. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem; but Jack was stuck in the WATER.

Think of life like a flame. The little spark would’ve been snuffed out almost immediately. So how do you keep a fire going? You feed it wood and let it burn. Three guesses what you feed a life fire.

Jack died in the morning. I could only raise him when I was directly overhead, as that is the only time I have complete power over something. She had- she had to keep giving her life essence up for him. She was so weak and in pain at the end of the resurrection though that…

… It was kinder to put her in an eternal sleep.

She was stubborn enough to see Jack take his first steps and play with the wind for the first time, however.