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Petition: Get One Direction back on Alan Carr.

Because the last time they were on they looked like this…

And I personally believe it is an injustice that we have not had a dance off in 3 years. Imagine these boys dancing off with Alan now? 


One Direction on Chatty Man

1) Alan: “And Harry here you are wearing your mum’s bra”

Alan: “Harry, that’s how I started”

2) Then Alan kiss Harry’s doll:

And that’s their reaction:

Wait… what’s that face, Louis?

Oh… jealous Louis over there ;)

3) Zayn: “Harry and Louis live together”

Louis: “ Yeah… me and Harry live together”

4) Alan: “I saw a pic of Harry in the studio on Twitter… what is going on there?

Alan: “ ‘Cause I heard Zayn gooses you to get the high note. Is that true?”

Harry: “Yes, yes”

Excuse me ????


5) Alan: “Someone tweeted me: ‘’Wish I was the Chatty Man sofa so Harry could sit on my face’’ ”

Harry’s reaction:

Oh no Louis… again:

I see you, Lou.

Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys. Amelia B. Edwards. London: George Routledge & Sons, 1890.

In this book, Edwards and her friend and companion, L., travel from Southern Italy, having over-wintered there, to visit the Dolomite district. Her chatty style, dry sense of humor, accuracy of facts, and sympathy for humanity set her works apart. The slice of Victorian British life presented is quite captivating.