chatting shenanigans

Miraculous Ladybug headcanon - Photobombing Heroes

Imagine if:

- Chat Noir takes up the habit to photobomb random tourist’s pictures whenever he gets the opportunity

- When Ladybug asks why he just grins and says “Imagine their faces when they see it!”

- Ladybug can’t argue with that. So she joins in.

- Sometimes they pose in the pictures, sometimes they pretend they just happen to be there, sitting at the next table at a cafe, standing at a bus stop, you name it.

- It becomes one of those things all the locals know, but they don’t tell. If you see teenage superheroes staking out a group of tourists who are taking pictures, don’t call them out.

- Nino starts a blog where he collects the pictures.

- Alya is super annoyed that it gets enough hits to rival Ladyblog.

Feel free to adopt this headcanon and use it as you please.


I got requests for the Pocky game, so here’s my take on what would happen.  ;) 

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pocky are these stick-shaped chocolate covered cookie things, and the Pocky game is where two people start eating a Pocky stick from each end. The person whose mouth comes off the Pocky first, or whoever gets to the middle first loses. If the participants end up kissing, it’s a tie.  ^_~


i dont think ive ever properly appreciated chloe just

leaping onto adriens shoulders like

  • the skill to jump that high
  • and that effectively?
  • that adrien doesnt even really waver, just holds her there
  • like they’ve done this before
  • (they’ve definitely done this before)

Murata stream update: a special celebratory egg and toaster for completing all 49 pages!! (circled pages are ones Murata has finished inking; X’s are those his assistants have finalized for publication) The chapter shall be out soon!


Adrien, you’re weeb is showing.

Based on an actual convo I had with my friend. In which I am Adrien and to this day it still makes her burst out laughing. I have no idea what those dream ppl were saying but i knew it was Japanese. Thank you head for giving me subs, i prefer that over dub anyways. I remember waking up confused and muttering to myself that I don’t know Japanese. 

sheep emoji ranking

due the chat shenanigans I realized I have not done this and it’s unacceptable

good girl, a bit pregnant, she will make a good mother u can tell it from those eyes: they are soulless and full of hatred towards humans. She’s the one that glints at the headlights if you dare to venture outside at dark.

4/5 would not go near her but would ride to the battle alongside her

baby boy, baby. Escaped from a fairy tale with endless trust for everything that is cute and good. Has a grey coloring that shimmers midnight stars under the pearly wool. Finnish legislation would not grant them a native breed status but don’t listen to them! You’re perfect and good!


This sheep has escaped from the shearing. They still got some of their dignity but the butt is vulnerable against cold autumn wind.

3/5 please help them

she’s round!!! ready to take the world and steal food from the hay barn. I would not trust her one bit. Good for cuddles but she always has a motive behind those. Will mysteriously disappear from time to times.

4/5 u gotta keep an eye on this one

Old and wise, a matriarch of the herd. She walks a bit slower but is reliable help if you need to move other sheep to somewhere. Probably has at least 8 lost lambs following here at any given time. 

5/5 bless her

this is a lamb! The wool is still in a progress of growing and their legs are a bit unsturdy but look at them! Running around and having a good time!

4/5 I pray they grow up healthy

another lamb! Their eyes have more curiosity on them than the previous baby, but that’s because they are a bit older. 

4/5 it looks like a good lambing season

A vigilant daughter. Wont come near humans, stays behind in the woods doing her own stuff. Not a leader material: can be bribed with birch tree leaves or old bread. Still really slippery tho so you have to act fast if you try to catch her

5/5 a real sheep

this is a bunny disguised as a sheep. They are trying their best tho


If you take a picture from far away and then zoom really close you’ll see this. This baby boy is the ram, doomed to live alone with other rams and his boys. His eyes are a void because mating season has just ended and he had not had rest since last week, He’s just looking for some peaceful sleep and nice green supper under some willows

5/5 I love you and appreciate you

This sheep belongs to the rebels along with the messenger and apple sheep. See how she keeps her pose and her ears. She doesn’t like you staring at her, leave her be. Cannot be bribed with goods, you need to outsmart her in order to get anything done. Probably a good jumper.

5/5 a really good baby

One of the oldest eves on the herd. Loves children and bread, might have a surprise lamb from time to times but generally just is and enjoys her retirement days filled with gentle petting.

5/5 I love her