chatswood chase


My grandma called a couple weeks ago to book me in for a lunch date during the uni break (despite being lucky enough to see her a few times a week). Thinking that I wanted to take her somewhere a bit different Gelatiamo (2 doors down from my parents office) in Lindfield, I finally decided we should have a bit of a pig out on desserts, so I made a booking at The Tea Room, QVB for High Tea as a bit of a treat.

A fruity Darjeeling tea, paired nicely with the assortment of small desserts and sandwiches offered on the cake stand (but then again, a glass of champagne would have also gone down well!).

The Tea Room itself has amazingly tall ceilings, with tones of beige creating the awareness of space and light. As my grandma said, you can just picture the room as a Ball Room in the 20’s!

The captions of the pictures are continued below..

The top layer had fruit tarts with crisp and sweet pastry, with a smooth creme patisserie. The chocolate mousse cake had a thin layer of chocolate cake as the base, a touch of raspberry coulis in the mousse and a chocolate ganache icing to top it all off! The tart raspberry flavour really popped in your mouth after the sweet, creaminess of the chocolate.

The sandwiches were a nice and suitable savoury addition and the tart shown on the right had a eggy filling with a strong garlic and chive flavour. SO good!

The bottom level of the cake stand was my fav. The mandarin macaron had a perfect crisp shell, slightly chewy consistency and creamy filling. Delish!

The passionfruit shortcake won over mum’s favourite - two layers of sweet shortbread with a passionfruit cream as the filling.

A mini cupcake of almond and orange flavour was (although I HATE using the word.. I really can’t think of another suitable..) moist and light in texture. The orange cream icing added that extra bit of sweetness - a perfect little morsel!

And finally the strawberry boat. Pretty much devoured in.. less than 7 seconds.

Not joking.

Overall, a really lovely morning tea and well priced for taster sized desserts.

I HIGHLY recommend!