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Warm Embrace (Chato Santana x Reader)

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“Harley, no!!” Floyd shouted as she hit the floor, unconscious. You looked around. Your squad was scattered across the pier, either knocked out or stunned. You mind was filled with fear of losing them and you stormed off towards the monster you were fighting, yelling.The next moments were a blur. You attacked to the monster unleashing your full power while yelling. Floyd was stunned and amazed, Tatsu had a confident weak smile, while Chato mouthed several ‘wow’s.

The monster was taken aback too and in a blink of an eye it was shattered to pieces and you were in the freezing water, sighing in relief. “Woohoo!” you shouted shortly after.

Soon your team-mates regained consciousness and their powers and you were pulled out of the water by KC. You had forgotten how cold the night was; your teeth started chattering just second after you were out of the sea.

“G-Gu-Guys.” You managed to say, your lips had already gotten a shade of blue. The team turned around to you, congratulating you and then resumed to whatever they were doing. Floyd was attending Harley’s scrapped knee and her cut on her right arm, KC and Digger were drinking from Digger’s flask, in order to shake the dizziness off. Rick was helping Tatsu up, while she winced as she touched her ribs.

You took a few sharp breaths, trying to get warm while rubbing your hands on your arms and hopping around. “Take five.” Rick said as he saw the state of the group.

You scanned the pier to see if you could find to cover up with and just then your eyes landed on Chato. A devilish grin formed on your freezing blue lips as a brilliant idea crossed your mind.

Your shaking legs managed to guide you towards him and you gave him a small nudge on his arm. “Hey, Cha-Chato, would you mind gi-giving me a hand?” you stuttered. He turned his face towards you and his eyes widened. “My God, (Y/N), you look horrible!” he replied.

You giggled and moved closer to him. “Thanks for the compliment. Now, will you warm me up, pretty please?” you batted your eyelashes, for extra charm.

He quickly wrapped his arms around you and you blinked in disbelief since he wasn’t much of a hugger. Your cold and wet head was pressed on his warm chest and you instantly felt way better.

“Thanks for saving our asses, Chiquita.” He said while he hugged you tighter, drying you off. You smiled as your lips returned to their normal colour. “No biggie.” You replied.

“Looks like the princess found a radiator to warm herself.” Digger ruined the moment.

“Well, she deserves a hot guy, don’t you think?” Harley snapped as she winked at you. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks as Chato looked at you, after rolling his eyes on Digger.

“Did I warm you up more than I should have, Chiquita?” he started letting you go. “No, no. Your temperature is just right.” You quickly buried your head in his arms as you faked a quaver. His grip tightened as you shivered and you raised your head a bit and winked at Harley, sending her giggling.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Task Force x Reader)

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You had just come back from the groceries and you arranged the things you had bought in the cupboards and in the fridge.

You had also bought your favourite candies, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups since they were on sale and you couldn’t wait to share them with the team.

Floyd got into the kitchen and you swore that he squealed when he saw the candies.

“You got Reese’s Cups? Gosh, you are amazing!” he said high fiving you and stealing a handful of the candies.

“(Y/N) got us candies!!” he shouted from the hall and you never before had seen grown up adults running to the kitchen as fast as the Squad did.

“(Y/N), have I ever told you how awesome you are?” Digger thanked you with a mouth full of pop tarts.

You smiled as you saw everyone eating candies.

Chato accepted an unwrapped Cup that Harley offered him.

“Uhm, Harls, this is very tasty. What is it?” he asked curiously.

“It’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.” She said casually as she stuffed her mouth with them.

“A what?” Chato said shocked and immediately he looked sick.

“It’s a candy that has peanut-” Harley began explaining, but Chato quickly left the room and went into the bathroom.

He began spitting the candy and trying to get it away from his mouth.

“Chato? Is everything ok?” you said as you followed him.

“I am-I am allergic to cacahuetes. To peanuts.” He revealed while he was in utter panic.

“You what?” Harley giggled. “Ah, poor kiddo! The mighty EL DIABLO is brought down by a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?” Digger added, his mouth even more full than the last time he spoke.

“Oi! Quit mocking him.” You defended your best friend.

“Let’s get you to the medics, ok?” you offered and Chato simply nodded his head.

You accompanied him to the medics as faster as you could.

Thankfully, he hadn’t swallowed a large part of the candy so the reaction was mild. He would only itch for some days and they gave him an anti-allergic cream to apply on his itching parts.

“Here.” You revealed a bag of gummi worms from behind your back as he got out of the infirmary. “I know how much you love them so I got you a full pack of different flavors.” You said and he hugged you.

“That’s why you are my best friend.” He murmured with a smile.

Bath Time (Task Force X x Reader)

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It was bath time for you and Harley and since you were the only female inmates in Belle Reeve you bathed together and without anyone else.

You stripped from your clothes and joined Harley who was waiting for you under the showers.

You had just returned from a mission and you had to clean up the blood from your skin, none of these bloody spots were from your own blood.

Harley was in a fun mood and splashed you with water while you opened the faucet.

“Oh. Is this how it’ll go?” you said with a smirk and Harley threw some shampoo to you.

“Alright, lil bubble.” You smirked and started splashing her, too.

She giggled and tried to avoid the splashes only to get hit by your shampoo rockets.

It was nice having fun like this, after a stressful day.

You had cleaned up the blood from you now and Harley noticed your secret.

“Naughty girl!” she shouted with joy.

“What?” you were stunned when you remembered the last makeout session with you and them.

Blush spread in all of your face and you stopped splashing around.

“What? Did you think I wouldn’t notice your love bite?” she approached you and touched softly your collarbone, where the love bite they had given you rested in your soft skin.

“Who was it, naughty pigeon?” she giggled.

“Someone.” You smirked and drew away from her, surprising her with a splash of cold water.

“Come on, (Y/N)!! You need to tell me!!” she begged.

“Nope.” You liked to tease her with things like your love life.

“Your time is up, ladies!” Peggy, your guard informed you and you started washing away the shampoo.

Harley stood there, under the shower, looking puzzled.

“Floyd.” She said.

“I am not telling.”

“Digger.” She snapped again.

“I invoke the Fifth Amendment.” You replied with a smirk.

“No, you are not!” she caught your arm and looked into your eyes.

“Chato?” she asked this time.

“Quit asking!” you replied as per usual.

“KC??” she looked surprised with that possibility.

“No comments.” You replied and left the shower room as you draped yourself with your towel.

“I shall find out.” She promised.

The following days Harley spied your interactions with everyone, trying to find a hint of closeness and affection, but to no avail. You were friendly with everyone and you were good at keeping your relationship a secret.

So, she came up with a plan.

She spied you while you were talking to Floyd/Chato/Digger/KC/Rick/Tatsu/June in the kitchen one day, when she suddenly drew the thing wire she had placed on the floor, causing you to trip and fell into their arms.

They eagerly caught you and placed a peck on your nose.

“I will always catch you when you fall unless you are falling for me.” They said amused and you giggled.

Your lips touched and you began melting into the kiss when Harley snapped from her hideout.

“HA! GOT YOU LOVEBIRDS!!” she said, snapping many pictures of you in each other’s arms in the process.

You both looked stunned until she left the room. You looked into their eyes and began laughing as they soon joined you.


See, I was born with the devil’s gift. I kept it hidden for most of my life but the older I got, the stronger it got. So I started using it. For business, you know. The more power on the street I got, the more fire power I got. Like, that shit went hand in hand, you know? One was feeding the other. Ain’t nobody tell me no.

Such a Flirt (Task Force X x Reader)

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You took a large sip of your smoothie as everyone turned and looked at you. Amanda was basically stabbing you with her eyes and Rick was looking at you with a glare that meant you were about to get scolded after the briefing.

You gave them an innocent smile and Amanda just rolled her eyes. “So, as I was saying Task Force X has great statistics and the cost of their operations is rather small compared to military special operations. I believe we could use them furthermore and make them official-unofficially of course.” Amanda resumed to her ranting as everyone was now looking at her again.

You were a lieutenant colonel and you were assigned to the Task Force X for a couple months now. You fit perfectly in the group and the members liked you better than Rick, which made Rick angry and made you love your job even more.

The briefing was over and after a quick chat with an annoyed Rick, you finally returned to Belle Reve. You felt more at ease among the group, a group of criminals, than anywhere else. Also, the fact that they were really good looking didn’t help.

“Heya guys!” you waved at Digger, Floyd and Croc, who were on Belle Reve’s yard chatting. They waved you back and you headed towards their direction.

“How did it go?” Floyd asked. “They made you official. How could they resist you?” you winked at them. “So, you are staying around?” KC asked back.

You nodded, “You guys have my heart. I couldn’t let them separate us.” you put your hands on their shoulders.

“Bloody oath.” Digger agreed as the guards arrived to get them back to their cells.

They followed them and a guard grabbed your arm and started dragging you towards the cell’s department. “Hey, what are you doing?” you protested but he kept dragging you. “Hey, I am not an inmate! I work here.” You yelled.

By now, Digger, Floyd, and KC were looking at you; Digger was chuckling.

“Ma’am, you need to return to your cell. You can be back here with your friends tomorrow.” The guard finally spoke. “But, I don’t have a cell.” You replied.

The guard turned towards the others and without noticing their expressions he asked if you were in another type of cell like Santana. You sighed as he continued dragging you and finally took action.

You stomped on his foot and then punched his nose. He let you go, whimpering. “Lieutenant colonel (Y/N) (L/N), you dumbass!” you explained, straightening your clothes.

“I am sorry, ma’am. Mondy is new around here. Today is his first day actually.” Another guard explained and rushed to Mondy’s aid.

You walked over to Mondy and you fought back a giggle as you saw him taking a few scared steps back.

“Why did you think I am an inmate?” you asked. “You were flirting with them.” He pointed Digger, Floyd, and KC, who burst into laughter.

“Perhaps we can grab some food after that.” Harley suggested fighting off the last goons. “I was thinking something Mexican.” You replied and sent a wink to Chato, who rolled his eyes. “Or Japanese.” you blew a kiss to Tatsu who sighed. Harley giggled at your shenanigans.

Suddenly a goon jumped on you and head-locked you. “Back off or I am shooting this bitch.” He threatened the others. “No, you won’t.” Harley stopped in her tracks and gave him a bitchface.

“Why dolly? The world won’t miss a scumbag.” He replied. Rick arrived and pointed his gun at the man. “I demand you let her go immediately. The murder a lieutenant colonel won’t look good in your already full ledger.” He said.

The man looked down to you, confused, his grip on his gun was loose. You gave him a punch and then when you escaped his grip you kneed him hard in the stomach. You walked towards the others, “Why everyone always thinks that I am an inmate?” you asked, you didn’t like the term “bad guys” and you had seen how their mood changed when someone was referring to them with that term.

“Stop. Flirting.” Rick advised you and the others laughed.


A/N: Request from anon. I just changed it a little bit and hey, I can finally show off my Spanish skills. Boomer is kinda racist in this one, just so you know. I mean… isn’t he racist in the comics as well? Idk, you tell me, anyway, enjoy! ♥ (See translations at the end of the imagine)

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Warnings: racism

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