Wrong chat (mxm)

neutral POV; Jimin x Jungkook; 679 words

Thanks for requesting. For this I had tree ideas and I’ll all of them, but I need some time. I started with this one because it’s my first time writing in english and I wanted to do something similar (like neutral POV) until I get used to that “you” style. Hahaha. I writed it with all my heart, so I hope you’ll enjoy and please, excuse me if i have some mistakes :3

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Everyone knew that the maknae line was always full of energy and playful. But lately, Jimin and Jungkook were even more playful. They seemed closer than ever, sitting just the two of them on the sofa, talking quietly to each other. During the practice there were more skin touching and stares, but none of the other members knew what was going on.

Once Yoongi saw Jimin licking his lips while staring at Jungkook’s hips, but half-asleep, he thought it was nothing.

And there was that one time (more than one actually) when Jungkook ‘accidently’ touched Jimin’s ass, but for the others that was just it – an accident. When seven young boys live and work together, those stuff are somehow normal. But between those two’s actions was something more.

Namjoon was in his room, enjoying his new book when he heard his phone. It was such a good moment, that he ignored the text. After a minute his phone sounded like it was going to explode.

Namjoon opened the chathead and his chin dropped down.

[9:48pm] Jimin: I know that you have to practice with Jin

[9:48pm] Jimin: but…

[9:49pm] Jimin: I really need you, Kookie. Right here, right now.

[9:49pm] Jimin: I need your thick dick buried deep in my ass.

[9:50pm] Jimin: Idc that NJ is in his room. Please, daddy, I want to hear you moan my name while pounding me hard…

[9:50pm] Namjoon: JIMIN!! WHAT THE FUCK??

[9:51pm] Jimin: FUCK! Sorry. Wrong chat…

[9:51pm] Namjoon: Better not be naked, cuz I’m coming to your room.

Namjoon wasn’t against those kind of relationships, but when something like this was happening between the wall of their dorm, they had to have a talk.

“I need and explanation” Namjoon said, closing the door, so no one could hear their small talk.

The younger boy’s cheeks turned bright red. He shrank shyly on his bed, hugging his knees and hiding his face behind them. “I don’t wanna”.

Namjoon smiled, letting a little laugh out of his lips. Jimin was too cute when he was this shy. “I didn’t knew you were so dirty. Daddy kink, huh?”

“Shut up!” embarrassed and angry, Jimin throw a pillow at his hyung.

“Mochi isn’t hard anymore?” Namjoon sat next to the boy and teased him. When no answer was recived, the older boy started to tickle this sweet angry ball that was Jimin right now. After a few moments they become one big cuddling mess on the bed.

One tickling session that seemed wrong in the golden maknae’s eyes. “What’s going on here?” Jungkook asked. His voice was shaking and his eyes were full with pain.

“It’s not what it looks like” Jimin jumped out of the bed as fast as he can, frightened that he might lose is boyfriend.

“I know your secret” Namjoon said with a smirk, still in bed, but Kookie looked confused. As he didn’t knew what was hyung talking about. “This horny mochi texted me something that was meant only for you.”

“You what!?” Jungkook almost screamed. “Seriously Jimin? You were that needy for me?”

Mochi become all red and shy again. And that was something that Kookie couldn’t let go that easy. “You deserve a punishment” he said, moving closer to his boyfriend, with lips barely touching while wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and squishing his butt.

“Eww…. Guys, get yourself a room” Namjoon said in disgust, but deep inside he was adoring them.

“But you are in our room. Get out or stay and watch” Jimin said breathing heavily, trying not to moan from Jungkook’s touch.

“Nope… I’m going to read my book and you, guys, try to stay quiet. We don’t need the others to know… for now” Namjoon closed their door and thought about how it would be from now on. As the only one who knew the secret, he had to prepare the rest for this and at the same time to hope no one would see the dirty mess those two are. But for now he let the maknae have their fun. 


That was it. Hope you liked it. 

Do you want second part where the rest of the boys find out about Jikook?