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Day 5 was amazing! I had my Traditions class at Disney University and I was holding back tears through most of it. I’m so lucky to be here and so grateful as well! We got to go into the Magic Kingdom for a couple minutes and it was my first time seeing the Cinderella castle in Disneyworld. It was spectacular! After returning to Disney U, the king himself, Mickey Mouse showed up to congratulate us all. After correctly answering a question Mickey personally gave me a tiny Minnie Mouse figurine. I am still in heaven. Then we received our nametags. I am Disneyworld offical!!

Housing: Chatham Square

Opciones y precios 2015:

-         Enfrente de Mickey’s Retreat

-         Hay lavandería en edificio 2,7,15 y 19

-          Fitness center

-          Alberca

-          Chancha de vollyball

-          Centro de computo

-          Cancha de tenis

-          La mayoría de los eventos de housing son ahí


1 bedroom

2 bedroom

3 bedroom

 4 bedroom


Chatham’s over there!

Every CP should know this song!

Chronicles of a Cast Member

Episode XI 
A guide for the Disney College Program:
Where should I live?

For those who are reading this and are going to the DCP… CONGRATULATIONS! 

This post is both a story and information for future CP’s who don’t know which housing complex to choose.

I had a rare opportunity to live in 2 apartment complexes and had 3 roles during my program. So I have a lot of knowledge regarding this issue.

Choosing either Vista Way, Chatham Square, or Patterson Court is as difficult as a choice between picking Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. 

I lived in both Patterson Court and Chatham Square so I’ll give you pros and cons of those and some second-hand knowledge of Vista Way.

Patterson Court
As you may have heard, they are the newest of the 3. The apartment complex is much quieter than the others, and it feels like a legit apartment complex. Not many trees around and it’s kinda bland with the colors. However, the kitchen is much larger than Chatham and so is the family/dining room. The appliances are relatively new as well as you’ll have a couple extra storage closets that I noticed Chatham lacked. The Pool/gym/and offices are also centralized making it easier for anyone to walk a short distance. 

I think the main reason some would be deterred from choosing Patterson is the bus stop location. This complex does not have a bus stop as you have to walk to Chatham to get on the bus. It’s about a 2-4 minute walk to the bus stop so those hot and long days at work don’t get much better when you’re walking home. It lacks that homey feeling that some people would like. The speed bumps are horrendous! I apologized to my car after ever bump! 

Chatham Square

It has that homey feeling with all the trees and people walking around. The bus stop is literally just outside your complex so there should be no reason why you shouldn’t take the bus. I mean $5 for a gallon of gas??? Disney hosts many events in the fields inside and across the street of Chatham Square which makes it really easy for you to go to. I noticed the bedrooms in Chatham are slightly bigger than Patterson’s.

The pool and offices are in separate locations. The pool being on one side of the complex so if you live on the opposite side, the incentive isn’t as glamourous. It’s the most chosen of the 3 complexes so the day you check in, ARRIVE EARLY so you can get the apartment complex you want. The kitchen/family room/dining room are noticeably  smaller than Patterson’s. I also ran into some issues with the appliances in Chatham, but that was just my apartment.

Vista Way

Take note: I never lived in Vista Way so again, this is second hand knowledge

You also have a bus stop, but this time it’s inside your complex. It’s also the main bus hub so if you happen to be running late, the bus usually hangs around Vista for about 5 minutes while they change bus drivers or to have a coffee break or something. This is also the cheapest complex to live in. It’s also the only complex with a basketball court, which I was sad the other 2 didn’t. If I’m not mistaken, every building has a laundry room rather than a separate building like Chatham and Patterson. You can also hear the Disney fireworks from your room when living in Vista as well ^_^

Don’t listen to what everyone says about Vista Way. It’s a nice place and that’s where you’ll be checking in and if you have any questions regarding your program. I don’t know many cons about Vista as I have never lived there but I hope this helps your decision a bit more.

In the end, when I choose where to live, I would choose Patterson Court. I felt much more comfortable there with a bigger kitchen (I like cooking) and a bigger family room (I brought and will bring Rock Band). However, I wouldn’t mind living in Chatham again.

For those of you who are going for the Fall 2012 season, I’ll be seeing you there! 

Much love future and current CM and CP’s,

Jimmy Love

Our first day off!

Wednesday, May 28

Most of my roommates and I had the 10:00 housing meeting over at The Commons, so around 9:40 we started walking over. The presenters mentioned that 22,000 people applied for this program and only 7,000 made it in! The meeting only lasted about an hour and a half and then we were done for the day!

Our free time started off with a nap - everybody in the apartment fell asleep! Once everyone was awake again, we decided where we wanted to go for dinner. We were going to take the K Bus to explore the All-Star resorts since 3 of my roommates will be working there, but it was about 45 minutes away. Instead we took the D Bus to Port Orleans Riverside and it was a great idea!

We ate dinner at the Millhouse Food Court. The food was great and I learned something new about Disney - there are chips in the bottom of the cups that limit you to 3 refills! After dinner we took a group picture and explored the gift shop.

Roommates (from left to right): Andrea & Abigail, Holly & Cresslyn, me & Jessica, and Diana & Monique

When we got back to Chatham around 9:30 we decided to go to the pool. Cresslyn and I were curious about the fitness center, so we stopped there to do 20 minutes of cardio before meeting the rest of our roommates. In my opinion, the fitness center has plenty - ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent bikes, free weights and a few machines. After our mini workout we jumped in the pool to cool down.

On my agenda post-wise: video/photo tour of our apartment.

Food & Beverage Core Cafe (1/26)

As many of you know, when I first learned that my role was “outdoor foods” I was not too happy. But now that I’ve been here for exactly a week (yay!) it has definitely grown on me, and I couldn’t be more excited to start working. From 1:00-5:30 I had my Food & Beverage Core Cafe class at Disney University. This is a paid class where you learn the basic safety rules and regulations when working with food. If you have ever worked in food before then this stuff should be second nature to you. I personally worked at Chick-fil-A for 4 years and had heard all of it before. I still paid attention, but there’s nothing to be afraid or nervous about it’s just a tad bit boring. Annnnnd since it’s Disney, of course the try to make it fun. Afterwards, you are relocated to another room to do a few online courses. These are pretty easy and will take you about an hour and a half. Once finished, your class instructors will send you to Magic Kingdom costuming to get your shoes. This is another thing that may not be new to you if you have worked in food before: slip resistant shoes. I figured for my role I’d need black ones, so I just brought my old ones from Chick-fil-A. Disney gives all food & beverage roles (quick or full service) slip resistant shoes for free. Mine actually ended up being all white, which surprised me because I figured that they were going to be black. Fingers crossed I;m working in World Showcase and I get to wear the cute shirt with all the flags on it!

Once you finish up at costuming (which is awesome by the way), you get back on the bus to the apartments. I met a girl from the UK named Chloe, a guy named Connor who is working custodial in MK, and then a girl named Zoe who is working costuming at AK. I exchanged numbers with all of them except Connor because I didn’t want him to think that I was hitting on him…. haha

If Safety is out first key at work, shouldn't it be our first key at home?

And courtesy is our second key… but apparently not in housing. 

So Tumblr, you know, I am not one to complain. But this is really bugging me. My roommates and I moved into chatham exactly one month ago.  Our apartment was not clean and things were broken. we cleaned it- scrubbed everything and made it look decent. 

Then we got bugs. 

We ended up having a walk-through with a Disney representative, and the manager of Chatham Square. They were very thorough and everything was fine- they sent in work orders and we got a new bottom rack to the dishwasher, a new knob for the door, they sprayed for bugs, they fixed the air conditioning, they replaced our dressers and night stands, and got a new filter for our air conditioning. 

Obviously its taken about the whole two weeks for them to complete this- cause these things cannot just happen overnight.

Though tumblr- heres the problem. Things are still not completed.Our couch is still broken, out dishwasher doesnt clean and my roommates are still sleeping in the livingroom because of bugs in their room.

We had a maintenance guy come in today to look at our dishwasher and his exact words were: ‘This is the best we can do and the dishes are not ever going to be really clean because these are bottom of the line dishwashers and you would be better to clean them yourselves. The water just recycles itself and its not sanitary?’

NOT SANITARY??? I feel like that is very unsafe to have our dishwasher be the unsanitary option!

This is not okay and I am completely over it.

If we do not pass our inspection on Tuesday because of the things that came with this apartment I will be very upset. Whats not fair is every other apartment we go into is clean and nice. It is not fair we did not get that pleasure when we moved in.

As an RA at school- my tenants would never have to go through 30 days of this. 

Thanks Chatham

The thing about Chatham.....

You see children the thing about Chatham is that it is not clean. 

My roommates and I have had trouble with our apartment since the day we moved in. None of the drawers worked in any of the bedrooms, the handle to the sink fell off, the handle to the guest bathroom door fell off, the dishwasher is broken, the stove is broken, the air conditioning was broken ( we got that fixed- FINALLY!) none of the bathtubs drain water, the vanity sinks dont drain water, and lets not forget the MOLD growing in the showers that we had to clean upon arrival. The mold was so bad we all had to go out and but new shower curtains for the bathrooms. But my friends that was just the tip of the iceberg! It gets better…. now our apartment is infested with SPIDERS! YAY! Spiders that bite you in the middle of the night! And CP housing has done nothing to help us with these problems despite various calls and visits to the front desk. We are literally living in FILTH. I mean our apartment is clean but who knows how much mold is in the walls, and how many spiders live in the walls as well. 

When I come home from an 11 hour shift all I ask is to live in sanitary conditions, with all the amenities my housing contract states. This is NOT happening. We are still missing over 10 items in our kitchen, and around our house that where supposed to be there when we arrived. 

Sorry for the rant…. I am just really tired of coming home to a place where everything is broken & my roommates sleep on the couch and on the floor because they cant sleep in spider infested beds. 

thanks CP Housing for being compassionate and caring landlords. Cant wait for you to take another 100 bucks out of my paycheck this week! You would rather 8 girls live in completely unsanitary conditions then actually do something about your apartments.

Anyone have a similar Chatham rant??

WDW Roommate Survey! August 5 arrival. :)

WDW CP Roomie Survey!  

NAME: Molly

GENDER: Female

BIRTHDATE/AGE: September 30, 1989 (23 years old)

HOMETOWN: Janesville, WI

MAJOR: Music Education (instrumental/general), Cello Performance, minor in Vocal Performance.

COLLEGE: University of WI-Platteville


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So I may or may not have already posted some of these pictures but for future DCP'ers wondering what the apartment looks like, this was my apartment last fall. Chatham Square, 22301. It was a two bedroom. I can’t remember exactly but it was around $95 a week per roommate I believe. However, Disney just sent out an email last week with all the housing prices for the coming season. For those who may not have received this email or don’t remember/don’t want to go find the email again, this is what we were all given. 

Chatham Square
1BR - 4BR 
$91 - $101

The Commons
1BR - 4BR
$93 - $105

Patterson Court
1BR - 3BR
$91 - $101

Vista Way
2BR - 3BR
$86 - $96