Over near Paris, France, Art+ Shanghai Gallery artist Huang Yulong has a sculpture on display! Congratulations are due to the Beijing-based sculptor for his larger-than-life bronze On My Way of a hoodie-wearing centaur, which offers an expression of peace and strength with hands clasped together in a sign of calm and welcoming, bridging tradition and urbanity.

The work joins a range of sculptures on the grounds of the Châteaux de la Celle Saint-Cloud, which is managed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information, check out this video, which includes some great views of Huang Yulong’s work and other amazing sculptures:

Orava Castle, Slovakia

One of the most beautiful castles from 13th century standing 112 m (367 ft) high above the Orava River and its right tributary stream Racova, extended in 15th and 16th century, final look formed till beginning of 17th century, reconstructed in 1953-1968.

Location : 49 15` 42“ N, 19 21` 29“ E

Architecture : romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque

Many scenes of the 1922 film Nosferatu were filmed here, although until recently it was thought to have been shot in Transylvania.

Orava Castle stands on the site of an old wooden fortification (at that time only the ground floor was built of stone, while the upper floors were made of wood) dating back to Great Moravian Empire, built in stone after the Tartar invasion of 1241. Its history since then reveals a familiar pattern of construction, destruction, reconstruction, fire, various ownerships and territorial squabbles.


Chateaux de Lastours, France

The Châteaux de Lastours are four Cathar castles in the French commune of Lastours. They are on a rocky spur above the village of Lastours, isolated by the deep valleys of the Orbeil and Grésilhou rivers.

Lastours is a huge archaeological site, with its four castles, Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux, built on the summit of a rocky pedestal, together with its medieval village, the Castrum of Cabaret, nestling deep in the valley.

More about Châteaux de Lastours

Château de CHAMBORD 2, Valle del Loira IV, FRANCIA by castillerozaldívar on Flickr.

   Bodiam Castle, in East Sussex, southern England. Bodiam Castle is an enchantingly imposing fourteenth century castle and an excellent site to tour if you’re interested in Things Medieval, Castles, Architecture, History, etc; since it exemplifies the typical fourteenth and fifteenth century fortified residence.

   The castle is of quadrangular plan; a rectangular enclosure without an inner keep, surrounded by high walls and fortified at each corner by still higher cylindrical towers. The gatehouse includes useful machicolations (floor openings to fling stones, pour boiling oil, or hurtle your nasty weapon of choice upon the heads of uninvited company) arrowslits (tiny peepholes used by archers), and three portcullises (latticed grilles or gates dropped to impede enemy progress). The exterior of the Castle survives nearly intact (although the interior is ruinous) and best of all it is open to the public. 

  **image by Michael Dudley on**

Un automne islandais ▿ Dimmuborgir, transpercé on Flickr.

As if it suddenly stopped, the Dimmuborgir lava field reveals amazing geological structures. The huge black columns give way to an impressive pierced rock … revealing a desolate landscape, black, and white.

~ Marie
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