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Tokyo Ghoul:Re connection to the Nutcracker Ballet story

Hey remember that Nutcracker Ballet story you see in Christmas? With that wonderful orchestral music and ballet dances and all that glorious winter beauty? I fukkin love it. It’s beautiful. (Currently playing the Waltz of Flowers)

Thanks to yaoilover-posts for giving me the idea, I’m starting to think that Ishida made Tg:Re have a connection to the Nutcracker Ballet ever since the Nutcracker Case. When I first heard of the Nutcracker ghoul, I thought about that wonderful Nutcracker Ballet I used to watch, but I didn’t know that it actually have a connection to the actual Nutcracker Ballet until now.

The Roles

I believe in TG:Re, the Nutcracker ghoul obviously plays the role of the Nutcracker, Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, And Shirazu plays the role of Clara and Fritz.

Nutcracker ghoul plays the role of the Nutcracker because of the name she’s given. 

Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy because in Chapter 38, she called herself the “Fairy of the Château”. Château is a French word for “Castle” or “Big House”. In the Nutcracker story, the Sugar Plum Fairy owns a castle and is the ruler of the Land of Sweets. And guess what? Saiko likes eating sweets.

Now for Shirazu, I have a lot to explain so my thoughts might get jumbled up. He plays an important part of the nutcracker story. Again, Shirazu plays the role of Clara and Fritz

Clara because she’s the main character who have the a relation to the Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy. Shirazu seems more accquainted to Saiko (Sugar Plum Fairy) than Urie and Mutsuki and he seems to be more involved with the Nutcracker ghoul. He even became the first to encounter the Nutcracker ghoul by accidentally dropping his drink and making Nutcracker look at him.

Clara was given the Nutcracker as a special gift. In Tg:Re. Shirazu was given a quinque made from the Nutcracker ghoul’s dual kagune and it’s a “special” quinque because it’s a chimera quinque. 

In the Nutcracker story, Clara went to see her Nutcracker and fell asleep with it and then she started to dream about it. In TG:Re Shirazu was sleeping and had a nightmare that involves the Nutcracker ghoul.

He also had hallucinations of the Nutcracker ghoul like what happened in the most recent chapter of TG:Re. Dreams and hallucinations are both illusions. Most of the Nutcracker story is about Clara’s dream.

Shirazu also plays the role of Fritz because in the Nutcracker story, Fritz broke the Nutcracker. In TG:Re, Shirazu exterminated the Nutcracker ghoul. 

The Events

In the Nutcracker Ballet, only three specific events occurred. The Party Event, The Battle Event, and the Dance Event.

The Party Event is where Clara’s family had a party on Christmas Eve, inviting their friends as well. 

This is just like in Tokyo Ghoul:Re chapter 31.5. In that chapter, it’s Christmas, the Quinx squad had a day off, and they invited other CCG investigators to their house.

The Battle Event, is when the Nutcracker and his army of toy soldiers fought the Mouse King’s army. During that event, the Nutcracker was captured by them but the Mouse King has fallen.

This can relate to the Auction incident in Tokyo Ghoul:Re where the CCG investigators are the mice and the Nutcracker and the other ghouls fighting them are the toy soldiers. Nutcracker was exterminated and was captured by the CCG in order to make her into a chimera quinque.

The Dance Event, involves Clara and the Nutcracker traveled to the Land of Sweets where they met the Sugar Plum Fairy, and there was a lot of ballet dancing involved. 

This doesn’t relate to Tokyo Ghoul:Re that much but it does help us explain that Saiko plays the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

According to floppyamon maybe the dance event will portray future events after chapter 40. Saiko will probably be captured by Aogiri and Shirazu with his Nutcracker quinque will travel to where Saiko (Sugar Plum Fairy) is captured and try to save her and have no choice but to face his fear and use his quinque. I think we’ll see Shirazu’s childhood flashback by this.

So yes, Tokyo Ghoul:Re does have a connection to the Nutcracker Ballet ever since the Nutcracker Case and thank you yaoilover-posts for pointing it out :3