chateau chambord


Top 10 Favorite Castles or Palaces (in no particular order)

1.  Alcázar of Seville, Spain
2. Château d’Ussé, France
3. Château de Chambord, France
4. Red Fort, India
5. Palace of Versailles, France
6. Schönbrunn Palace, Austria
7. Moscow Kremlin, Russia
8. Catherine Palace, Russia
9. Buckingham Palace, England
10. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


The Royal Chateau of Chambord in the heart of France’s Loire Valley photographed helplessly close to flood waters that had hit most of France and central Europe last week. Fortunately they raising flood levels receded over the weekend and the Sun even came out to mark the beginning of the weeks/months of clean up.

Source: ChateauDeChambord Instagram.

Ruriiro no Toki (Moon Troupe 2017)

I saw the play on 5/6 in Umeda Theater Drama City, and it happened to be a very memorable show full of firsts: first solo lead for Miyaruri, first solo heroine for Umi, first show as a member of Tsukigumi for Reiko, and first live zuka small theater show for me. :’D It was also my first time seeing a live show by a troupe other than yuki or hoshi (i have my favourites and also the luck for my trips to coincide specifically with my favourites, apparently). I wasn’t planning on seeing it at first, but I am very glad I managed to. Plot summary for Act 1 (to not spoil it completely since the show is getting a dvd release) and my thoughts under the cut:

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