chat noir knows

Les Chevaliers…


I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide!

Do you think Ladybug ever gets so mad at Chat that she gives him an impromptu middle name just to show him how mad she is?

And everytime she does this the name is different and slightly more ridiculous. For example:

  • Chat Oliver Noir
  • Chat Alexander Noir
  • Chat Beauregard Noir
  • Chat Filomina Noir
  • Chat Cornelius Noir
  • Chat Rutherford Noir

ML Headcanon: Chloe actually doesn’t have good eyesight.

She isn’t a fan of contact lenses and the minute she tried on glasses she absolutely hated the way they looked on her.

So what was the next best option?

That’s why she’s got those sunglasses on her head all the time.



Marichat May Day 27: Baking

Marinette, you totally walked into that.

The cookies were made in the end tho (but in an uncomfortable silence)

Uhm but where did the music come from

This is why you shouldnt leave alone a god who has been sleeping for years with your computer and totally access to your movie collection, Marinette.


Chat firmly believes he has sinned now.

Help him.

Marichat May (SIN)

disclaimer: I actually really like sin, I’m just completely incapable of producing it. c’: So here’s Chat being a gentlemanly cinnamon roll.

This started out as a fun take on the dancing scene, then it became the “Just a friend” agreste joke, and finally it ended up being a very bad reveal….. (these doodle animations miiight be getting out of hand haha)


So for those of you who wanted to see what Adrien was up to that whole week, here it is. A couple of people guessed that this was what went down, and I was so happy that others think the same way I do, this is literally what I imagined happening.

For clarification, no Adrien did not plan what he did to Marinette. It was a complete shot in the dark (after talking to idk how many people). This boy was smart in the sense of how he went about his sneaky ways, but he’s still cluless as ever.

For those that don’t know what’s going on - this is a follow-up to my Tech-Rex comic.