chat up lines

Romance As Gaeilge

Is thú mo ghrá - You are my love

Táim craicéailte fút - I’m mad about you

Is tú grá geal mo chroí - You are the bright love of my heart.

Is tú mo mhuirnín -  You are my darling.

Tá tú ‘breathnú go hálainn anocht, a chailín, do ghlúine, go háirithe -   

You look beautiful tonight girl, your knees especially.

Is tú mo chuisle - You are my pulse.  

(A) Stórín - Darling.  

(A) Leanbh - Baby.


requested by anon.

Legolas: Um…I… I have something to ask you…

You: What?

Legolas: *clears throat* er, well, um… did it hurt?

You: I’m sorry? Did what hurt??

Legolas: *fumbles nervously* um… when you… fell from heaven??

You: i… i dont understand, what?

Legolas: because, err, you look like an angel to me *furiously blushes*

You: *giggles* oh my God Legolas did you get that from Aragorn?

Aragorn: *laughs heartily from other side of room*

Legolas: So, do you want to go for a drink?

You: Come on then, you big pumpkin


Ever wondered what would happen if you used your favourite Netflix chat up lines in real life? Well wonder no more! We take the best of Netflix to Tinder, Omegle and even the telephone to see who’d take the bait! From Orange is the New Black to Breaking Bad, Love and Jessica Jones, will any of the pick up lines from these hit shows guarantee us a date?

I just have to say, Rosie prank calling Oli White was probably the funniest and most painful thing I’ve ever witnessed. Whilst Chris Stark is master of the poker face.

This is not a paid promotion. All of the content was filmed and edited by an independent production company and we’re participating because we love Netflix!


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