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  • Someone:You're going to end up all alone if you keep those high standards.
  • Me:Good. Not everyone deserves me.
What To Listen To If You Hate Taylor Swift
  • She's a slut:Girl At Home
  • She's a money grabber:Ronan
  • She's not a good role model:Fifteen
  • She can't sing:Wildest Dreams
  • She blames guys for break ups:Back To December
  • Her concerts suck:Clean speeches
  • She can't dance:Shake It Off
  • She's a bad person:The Best Day
  • She can't be single:New Romantics
  • She doesn't like her fans:Jesus
  • White people:*exclude black people from everything for centuries*
  • Black people:okay then we'll just come up with our own exclusive spaces
  • White people:.... hey that's unfair!!!1!!2 :(((((( All lives matter!! Protect ALL girls!!! ALL girls rock!!! All people are oppressed!