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LMAO DOES ANYONE REMEMBER HABBO HOTEL? Well I feel like killing time on there, if anyone else does XD Add me at “incaseyouart” and we can chat in pixelated hotel rooms (omg that sounds sketchier than it is)

i dont think ive ever properly appreciated chloe just

leaping onto adriens shoulders like

  • the skill to jump that high
  • and that effectively?
  • that adrien doesnt even really waver, just holds her there
  • like they’ve done this before
  • (they’ve definitely done this before)

“I’ve been thinking,” Christopher murmurs as he pens Maddie between his arms. “I was wrong about us. About you.”

Madeleine tries to scowl at him, but her eyes twinkle in spite of herself. “You don’t want me, Kit,” she replies softly. “Not with all my baggage.”

“If you’re referring to your arrest, sweetheart, I’ve reconciled myself with it. Or do you mean because you’re pregnant?”

Maddie gasps, her mouth falling open in surprise. “You- You know about that?!”

“Yes,” Kit chuckles. “Everyone knows about that. Your stepmother couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.”

“And… You… You still want me?” she whispers.

Drawing her towards him, Christopher briskly and decisively closes the distance between their lips. His kiss feels warm, soft, and familiar to Madeleine, but as he pulls away she can’t deny the prickling disappointment bubbling within her chest.

“That was nice,” she says, forcing herself to smile.

Kit nods enthusiastically. “Better than nice. I really missed you, babe.“

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