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When Chloé adopts Ladybug’s moves.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

Pixelator / Numéric


The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur



i dont think ive ever properly appreciated chloe just

leaping onto adriens shoulders like

  • the skill to jump that high
  • and that effectively?
  • that adrien doesnt even really waver, just holds her there
  • like they’ve done this before
  • (they’ve definitely done this before)

“What the fuck Miyuki”

Miyuki tiredly opened an eye while answering the phone that was ringing angrily since the moment he switched it on.

“It’s good to see it’s a good morning for you too, Kuramochi” he answered, yawning and shifting the weight of his body on one arm.

It was his first free Sunday after a long training camp. He came back to Tokyo that weekend and sincerely speaking, the last thing he wanted was to be bothered so early in the morning.

He didn’t even had the time to listen to whatever complaint Kuramochi had that his phone started vibrating like crazy without any apparent reason.

Miyuki took the phone off his ear, squinted at the screen before putting on his glasses and looked at the screen, where something that seemed like thousand of missed calls messages and line messages started to pop up at light’s speed.

“What the-”, the last message was from his coach, and it reeled off a scary “I’m gonna kill you”.

His brain finally processed that something was wrong and got up sitting on the bed, bringing the phone back to his ear again.

“I can’t understand, what’s happening?”

Miyuki Kazuya, 25, was Hokkaido’s Fighters main catcher and on the pro scene for about six years already.

With his leading he managed to take the teams he played with to the victory several times.

It was almost a year since he didn’t come back to his hometown. Now that it was off season, he thought he could finally relax a bit.

Looks like it wasn’t the case.

“I can’t fucking believe you” Kuramochi spat angrily, his voice had an unusual pitch and Miyuki felt the wasn’t just angry because.

“I really can’t-” Kuramochi clicked his tongue, stopping in the middle of his sentence “You managed to hide your relationship for nine years so what the hell were you thinking when you decided to smooch Sawamura in that fucking park?!”

A drop of cold sweat run over Miyuki’s temple and he blinked his eyes twice.

“What are you talking about-” he mumbled mostly to himself, even though he already knew what was all about.

“Oh yeah right it’s all over the news already!! How can you two be so irresponsible I swear to god-”

“I’ll call you later, Kuramochi” he cut it short and hang up the phone still hearing Kuramochi’s angry rants.

When he opened his coach’s line chat there was a pixelated photo of him and Sawamura kissing in the park where they went doing a walk just the day before.


It was the only thing that came to mind in that moment while reading his coach’s angry texts.

His mind was essentially blank. His first impulse was looking behind him, where Eijun lay in the bed still sleeping like a child. Sundays mornings were the only ones where he rested instead of going running like every other day.

Fuck. He thought again, while all of the worst consequences crossed his mind at the same time.

And he swore again when Eijun’s phone started to vibrate almost angrily on the night table, wishing Eijun would’ve switched it off the night before.

He literally tried to jump over Eijun’s body to reach it before something else happened but his boyfriend’s hand grabbed it before he could.

He heard Eijun grumbling while he slowly got up and answered the phone.

In not even a second he saw his boyfriend’s shoulders stiffen and Eijun slowly turning around to meet his eyes. His expression was scared and confused.

“Kazuya” he said, blinking his eyes, still a little bit sleepy on his worried face.

“I know already” Miyuki answered


Remember this drawing i did last year? 
Well in my google drive I found that i was actually trying to write a fanfiction about it. i never finished it and thank god haha

  • us: hey, uh, staff? porn bots keep following me and reblogging my personal posts and selfies, which makes me really uncomfortable and could potentially trigger some people. can you maybe do something about it?
  • staff:
  • staff: lol
  • staff: here's a little pixel horse
Imagine the kids having a group chat tho
  • Pixel creates a group chat on his site Pixelspix, and is the mod of said group chat. In the beginning, anyone can change the name of the chat.
  • Stingy and Trixie constantly having a sort of war over the name of the chat. Stingy constantly changing it to something like ‘’I, THE PRINCE OF LAZYTOWN’’ or ‘’THIS CHAT IS MINE’’. Trixie, liking to mess with him, in turn changing it to something like ‘’I, THE KNIGHT OF LAZYTOWN, OVERTHROWS THE PRINCE’’ or ‘’the 50′s called, they want their fashion sense back’’ .
  • Eventually, Pixel has to come in between them, to stop the naming wars of Stingy and Trixie. They are now officially banned from changing the chat name.
  • Not that that ends their rivalry, tho. Stingy likes to bombard the chat w/ pics of his possessions and himself, while Trixie likes to leave snarky comments on them. This usually delves into a never ending cat fight. They often get banned from the chat because of this, yet both manage to get back in everytime. Even Pixel doesn’t know how they do it
  • Ziggy is a major double triple texter. Also randomly!!!!! uses exclamations marks!!! after some!!!!! words!!!!!.
  • Also talks with the same verbal tic (ending every sentence with a ‘‘huh’‘) as in the chat.
  • Stephanie mostly posts positivity texts and ALWAYS wishes the group chat a good morning and a good night by saying BINGBANGDIGGIRIGGIDONG
  • Ziggy’s profile pic is prolly Sportacus’s body w/ his head badly photoshopped on it
  • Stephanie uses wayyyy too many emoticons. She mainly uses the ❤, ✨,🐱 and XD. Also lot’s of anime emoticons -^.^-
  • Pixel lurks a Lot and except for the occasional modding, he isn’t that active. But… whenever there’s a new video game out, he bombards the chat w/ over-exited texts, and doesn’t calm down for at least an hour.
  • Stingy’s username is prolly something like ‘’Only peasants can read this’’.

- Pixel introduces Sportacus to the chat, while Steph teaches him abt how texting works, and emoticons. 
- This leads Sportacus to basically becoming like a second Stephanie to the chat, but only using the ‘’Sportacus emoticon’’ ( 8:^}D) ), and sending messages on a daily basis about how proud he is of all the kids, and sending them reminders to eat their sportscandy and go to bed early etc…
-  Of course, Robbie would make up a scheme to ruin the chatroom in a way.

Feel free to add more!

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