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season one klance: rivalry and teasing, with lots of friendly moments and them learning to work together in serious situations, “frenemies” by the end of the season

season two klance: working together in even more situations, being supportive and caring for each other when they’re in danger

season three klance: supporting each other during emotionally difficult moments, lance seeking out keith to either comfort him or be comforted, their rivalry is basically gone and replaced with gentle touches and soft, admiring smiles

season four is going to have some God Tier klance moments

continuing the lazy chibi theme from last year! but this time with my aged up designs =D/

there have been rough spots in this fandom, but despite that, i am not sorry i joined :D i’ve met a lot of great people and made some very good friends, and tbh i’d go thru hell for you ppl :’D so i’m glad to spend another year enjoying and celebrating miraculous with everyone ;0;/

modern au

pidge podge is typing…

pidge podge: hey so have any of you guys seen my brother

pidge podge: i haven’t seen or heard from him in like five days

handsome lanceome is typing…

handsome lanceome: isn’t ur brother constantly disappearing like his thing tho lmao

pidge podge: yes but normally i can ask shiro where he is but this time shiro isn’t answering

pidge podge: keith do you know where shiro is

handsome lanceome: i think they are dead

knife gay is typing…

knife gay: probably

knife gay: they’ve been in the basement for the past few days

pidge podge: doing… what

knife gay: breath of the wild. shiro finally caved and bought a switch and now they won’t stop playing it

knife gay: they’ve only freed one divine beast. they’re literally just fucking around the map

knife gay: all shiro does is cook and experiment with ingredients. hes the Worst

hunka dunk is typing…

hunka dunk: well obviously shiro is cooking in the game

hunka dunk: it’s his only chance to experience something he can’t do in real life :(

cutenerdysilva  asked:

Now a question... If you could create the story of the real reveal episode of ml how would it be??? Love your art :D

So, I don’t really think the reveal would be like this, because I want something dramatic and action-y but I figured i’d give you something cute. 

tikki and plagg are such tired creatures. they gotta put up with so much crap. shhh, let them sleep

something i doodled before my power inevitably goes out due to hurricane irma. this post was scheduled, so if im absent for about a week besides my queue…you know why. :’D good luck and be safe to everyone in the hurricane’s path!

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Marauders Group Chat
  • Remus: You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos.
  • Peter: That's the most hopeful thing I've ever read.
  • Sirius: But what if I die tomorrow and never eat any nachos?
  • James: Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day.
  • [Remus has removed James from the chat]
  • Professor McGonagall: Mr. Malfoy, define "dense"
  • Draco: Harry Potter.
  • Harry: *stares obliviously at Draco*
  • Draco: *has a bored look on his face*
  • Harry: *stares at McGonagall*
  • Professor McGonagall: *sighs* 50 points to Slytherin.

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Chat Noir #143 please

Decided to make one more before going to bed. That was actually not as easy as it might look? Idk.