chat edition

A list of things that would genuinely make tumblr mobile experience better

1. The ability to edit formatting on text posts without coding knowledge
2. Read mores to work properly.
3. Not arbitrarily removing the formatting on chat posts when edited
4. A way to add pictures to reblogged posts
5. A way to preview a post before posting it in the formatting that it would be seen with on PC
6. IN fact, just standardisation between mobile and browsing experience

It might be hard, but over anything else, these are the things that regularly effect me and no amount of polish on other things make my experience better than these absent things make it worse 

5sos group chat

guys I’m still doing the 5sos iMessage if anyone wants to join, just message me your name and number or reblog or like this post whatever and I’ll add you!!

Ladybug and Chat Noir redesign. This was my original LB design before my previous one that I kept to myself, thinking that the tails of her suit were far too impractical, as if Chat doesn’t have a dumb (read: cute af) belt tail that screams impracticality in a fight. So yeah. coat tails for LB. They kinda emulate ladybug wings?

Chat’s suit is sleeker and simpler, since it’s harder to resign something as complicated as his canon outfit without changing the whole thing entirely.

missbelover  asked:

FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C: