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*blushes* oh, well, some simply cute AlyaNino for my soul and for this day…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

drawing DJWifi kiss was more embarrassing for me than Marichat sin, wtf

but who is holding this stick? oh, right:

“Okay, guys, can you stop?”

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Did you know that to attract mates foxes... ScReAM LOUDLY IN THIER FACES! Use that info and apply it to MLB

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. 

Miraculous Chain Fanfic

I realize that I wasn’t too specific when I last gave the link to sign up. I was just like “Here, have a link.” 

The Miraculous Chain Fanfic is going to be a group of 20-30 authors each writing a chapter to combine into one story. It may not be a masterpiece, but I believe it’s a fun way to come together and make a fun story with amazing fic authors. 

To sign up, all you need to have is a tumblr url/username (so I can know who to tag/message when I post the results of the people chosen). I’ll also need a sample of your writing so that I can see your style and see if it is good and unique! (From what I’ve read, they have been good!). Those two things are required. The third question on the form is NOT required, but it’s just a space to put some ideas for what the story is going to be about (which will be decided when I have all the people together). 

I want to use AO3 for the fic, and I think I might have figured out how (by adding everyone’s ao3 into the “add co-creators” bar, I believe that might work. If I’m wrong, and you know how, please message me!). I’m also trying to think of a way everyone could communicate together. I’m thinking the app GroupMe might work best (it’s free). There’s also Discord, but I haven’t really figured out how to use that yet.

If you have any questions please send them to this ask or message me!
Please reblog, sign up, and tag your favorite authors that you’d want to see participate! 

The link to sign up is HERE.

If you sign up/reblog/tag, thank you! It is very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the process and final outcome!

Love, Jamie ( @give-it-agreste )

DJ Khaled Throws Us The Keys
  • NPR's David Greene: Can I tell you my favorite of your keys?
  • DJ Khaled: Please, tell me.
  • DG: "Have a lot of pillows." I love that. Our staff on Morning Edition is obsessed with sleep, because none of us get enough of it: We have to wake up at ungodly hours of the morning. We need pillows. Do you mean that literally?
  • DJ Khaled: I mean that so literally. I'm talking about, you have to rest your greatness, you know? I have a lot pillows in my bed, my tour bus — every time I turn, there's a pillow. You know, if I turn to the left, the right. If I turn my whole body. If my leg moves. It's just pillows everywhere.

“Why does only my tumblr keep messing up quality?” I asked myself as I posted this.

I colored this sketch of @edendaphne , a while ago I asked permission and I finally finished it.

I’ll probably probably post a better version if I get a way to fix the messed up quality. Hope you still like it. 😊

ok so not only am i waiting for the new Star VS The Forces of Evil ish but I’m waiting for Miraculous Ladybug S2 in English too

this world needs to get its shit together

You’re all forgetting another dance AU!

Another Cinderella Story AU, that is!

Marinette, or in this case, Mary, is a girl with great talent but has confidence issues. She’s always in the company of her more confident best friend who always has her back.
Adrien, or, Joey, is a local celebrity who wants to go to school like everyone else. He’s accompanied by his best friend who supports him in his own decisions. 

And look, they even sit next to each other

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The blonde queen bee mean girl that said celebrity knows personally, who wants him for herself, followed by the equally mean lanky friend, and look, a brunette with bangs, just like Volpina. Intelligence may be lacking, but all are equally sly. They also want the main guy.

Does this scene look familiar to you? Yeah it dooo.

Mary’s confidence really grows when she’s dancing. She and Joey are very in sync and dont know who their partner is behind the mask. Just like LadyNoir. +Those clothes!

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Oh and their friends are a couple as well, djwifi anybody?

When I saw these, all I could think about was Adrien giving them to Nino for Christmas because his DJ friend is always looking for cool new headphones and cat nerd genuinely thinks they’re super rad and Nino doesn’t want to disappoint the innocent sunshine child so he pretends like he loves them even though on the inside he’s like “dude… for real?” and Alya is just fighting back hysterics when he puts them on.

guys I’m rewatching the origins episode and at the beginning, Hawkmoth says how he FOUND Nooroo and Master Fu and Wayzz talk about how they thought that Nooroo was lost forever, and then after Adrien and Marinette get their kwamis Master Fu says that he only got it wrong once. All this makes me think that Master Fu isn’t talking about Hawkmoth and Nooroo, but instead maybe he’s talking about the peacock miraculous and Adrien’s mom
I dare you to kiss me

Finally! I could write about the Snack Pack. Hope it is satisfactory.


Summary: For the prompt “I dare you to kiss me”

Poppy loved Slumber Parties. Well, she loved all parties, but she got super-mega-extra excited for slumber parties because that meant she got to keep spending time with her friends even after the sun had set.

This time, the ones hosting the sleepover were Satin and Chenille. Their pod was colorful and classy, decorated with glittery cushions and patterned curtains. They decorated and arranged the whole pod so all the living room was now covered with pillows, mattresses, and cushions.

It was perfect for jumping in and building a fortress. Guy Diamond, Smidge, and DJ Suki were already building one with the twins when Poppy and Branch arrived. She was holding his hand steadily, squeezing it every now and then to give him confidence. She knew he still had some issues with his self-esteem and large groups of people got on his nerves after a few hours, but the Snack Pack had been welcoming and just a couple of weeks ago he just called them his friends.

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