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Could you draw yourself hugging Chat Noir/Ladybug? I know its a bit weird x3

i enjoyed this (i may drown slightly but reqs are still open :> )

NT Moments - INTP is a little kid
  • INTP: *changes a line in ENTJ's code from lowerhip to lowerhipoop while he's in the washroom*
  • ENTJ: (a while later) Did you do this? *points to the screen*
  • INTP: No? *giggles uncontrollably* What's a lower hip poop?
  • ENTJ: Lower hip poop *starts laughing uncontrollably*

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Can I request some Ladybug and Chat Noir? I love that ship so much. And if you're not taking requests, then I'll just enjoy the ones you've already done and leave it at that XP

she likes his spikey hair and cat ears <3

Brief Description of Karasuno
  • Hinata: loud smol bird who jumps and jumps and wants to play volleyball all day everyday and make friends, is also ready to fite whenever
  • Kageyama: genius antisocial setter who needs to chill tf out sometimes and is literally impossible w his skills like how
  • Yamaguchi: shy quiet boy who is v good at serves and loves his tsukki and soggy fries and has freckles
  • Tsukishima: literal salt shaker who has no chill whatsoever and is a jerk 129% of the time and hates everyone except his precious yama
  • Tanaka: bald and loud and a v good senpai who also tries to be a gangster but fails really bad bc "city boy"
  • Ennoshita: second mom who is a very calm crow to everyone's crazy and almost left but then came back bc volleyball
  • Nishinoya: shortest person ever who is v loud and is impossibly amazing in receives and friend goals with tanaka and loves his asahi-san v much
  • Daichi: captain and dad but also scary af like you do not want to cross him holy hell and also known as thigchi and dadchi
  • Sugawara: team mom who supports all his children and is a literal angel who is a v good setter but was replaced :( but he has a v good husband daichi and children so he's okay
  • Asahi: literal bundle of nerves who rocks anxiety and long hair, is also v tall and strong but acts opposite of it and only wants to do good for his boyfriend noya
  • Ukai: coach who was dragged into it w a grumpy lil pout and is now involved in it completely bc they made him love them
  • Takeda: has 0 clue what's going on but tries v hard and does his best to help them improve, also makes very complicated analogies no one understands
  • Kiyoko: everyone loves her and I mean everyone but she loves her yachi the mostest and is the most put together in this whole show and helps them so they don't crash and burn
  • Yachi: tiny smol who is v anxious and worried and shy, also panics a lot but does her best to help and is the cutest assistant to ever assist