Okay, I have a confession… <.<>.> I’ve not so secretly been over run by the recent Monsta X comeback and IM is taking over my life. *begs for forgiveness* To save you the earful that I have given my fellow Siren’s (amongst others -.-) over my flails over this one, I’ll just drop this here and hope that you enjoy me adding Monsta X to our list >??? *prays to Chasus that you all enjoy* 

Ps.. I won’t apologize for the cringe, for I am cringe maknae and I will always be cringe maknae! Merong! 

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Changkyun x Reader 


783 Words 

“Feed me, feed me!” the muttering maniac stalked the hallway as you crouched behind a medicine cart.

“No go to the left,” you mumbled. You had been trying to go through the hallway to your right for ten minutes but the creep kept lurking in your direction.

“Feed me,” he was stalking back this way, but stopped abruptly.

“Shit, did he see me?” you muttered, “he didn’t see me right?” Without being able to put your eye back on the the man, you were almost holding your breath while staring at the back of the medicine cabinet that you were hiding behind. You could hear his footsteps nearing.

“Feed me,” he was getting closer.

“Shit,” you might have to make a run for it, but before you could, something suddenly grabbed your shoulders making you jump completely out your skin, as you let out a scream that you never thought your voice would allow.

“He’s gotcha!” Changkyun had snuck up behind you while you were playing your game snatching you out of your concentration.

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Haikyuu!! voice meme

Name and URL
How did you find out about Haikyuu!!?
Do you follow the anime, manga, or both?
Say the following words:

Haikyuu, Karasuno, Aobajousai, Nekoma, Shiratorizawa,

Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio, Nishinoya Yuu,

Oikawa Tooru, Oishii Oishii Chasu Booru, Mo Ippai!!

Who’s your favourite character and why?
Who’s your least favourite character and why?
Do you have a favourite team? Explain!
What was your favourite moment in the series?
Any moments that made you cry/tear up?
What is your OTP?
What else do you ship?
Which character did you hate at the beginning but love now?
Most attractive character?
Which character would you want to be friends with?
Which character would you want to date?
Which character would you not get along with?
Which character are you protective of?

Last thing: yell “SUGAAAAAAAAAAA”