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First Nations Actors We Need To Watch

When searching for a list of First Nations actors, it is evident that there is a plethora of talent available.

There is a diverse group of beautiful men and women who deserve equal representation and are ready to showcase their astounding acting skills.

Unfortunately, many of these talented actors are often over looked or provided very little opportunity.  First Nations actors are almost always cast in supporting roles or relegated to the background, and are rarely allowed to speak or display their complexity and richness as human beings. Whatever character or role they do attain, tends to reveal itself only in terms of their interactions with White characters. Rarely is an Aboriginal/ First Nations characters portrayed as having personal strengths and weaknesses, or shown acting on his or her own values and judgements.

In many movie and TV productions the portrayals of Aboriginal people as being primitive, violent and devious, or passive and submissive, have become widespread in movies and TV programs. First Nations creatives are never permitted to tell their own stories, independently from a white main character’s experience. In 2016, this is unacceptable.

Motion Picture and TV studios have been painfully slow in evolving its backwards portrayal of First Nations peoples. A change is long overdue.

There are many First Nations actors who are more than capable of being leading men and women in contemporary stories that are relatable.

Is there a First Nations actor who you would like to see more on the big screen or on television?  Who are the First Nations actors or actresses you would like to see more in 2016?


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