*o* I’m so blown away by how supportive everyone has been about Skyborn launching on Steam….people, you are amazing!!!

I ran across a post someone had compiled of sketches & concept art from the game, so I thought I’d share a little more, featuring Chaska. 

I knew I wanted a character with a gross monster arm pretty early on. Before she had a name, she was Little Mutant Child. (At one point, we’d planned on having animated battle sprites, but it turned out to be too expensive. Boo!)

This was the very first sketch of her that I drew (in the corner of a lined notebook; THAT’S HOW I ROLL). Despite all her weird growths and stuff I wanted her to be sweet and a bit girly, and NOT consumed with angst over her appearance.

I ended up using the first sketch as the base for her final portrait because the expression fit her personality so well (probably drove some of it too). She ended up being really cute and I’m quite attached to her now ^_^

Aaaand finally…’s special bonus Grown-Up Chaska!!!


Chaska - Imperio caido

Slap An Asian Day?

The parent of a Chaska Middle School West student was looking over her kid’s Facebook page when she noticed another student complaining that someone had slapped her that day in school. Someone replied to that post saying that it was because it was “Slap an Asian Day” in school.

The parent followed that post down a Facebook rabbit hole and discovered that yet another student had declared an official “Slap an Asian Day.” It was supposed to be today.

With the clock ticking until Slap an Asian Day, the parent contacted the Chaska police department.

After receiving the complaint, the Chaska Middle School West’s police liaison went on Facebook and identified the poster, a 6th grade boy. His parents were called and the student was brought in for a serious talk.

“This young man thought he was being funny with a closed circle of friends, not realizing Facebook goes everywhere,” says Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight.

I know of the usual “Hug an Asian/Blonde/Jew/etc” days, but making it violent? Kids these days…


Woah. Almost 19.5 miles today! I biked to Chaska today where my friend Caity joined up with me and we ended up biking all the way to Shakopee. I don’t have much to say about this trip, but again it was nice having someone to bike with.

I’m not even going to bother with how long it actually took us to bike the whole time because we made a lot of stops.