I noticed your post on the Animal Adoption comic and I realized just how seriously weird it was that your cat  Lenore looks so much like my cat Castiel! I’m sorry it’s really weird to be showing you my cat and stuff when we don’t know each other but it literally blew my mind away

This is totally okay! I LOVE getting pics of peoples non-human babies! Your kitty looks like a longfur tuxedo tabby, and is precious! You are also not alone in having a look-alike for Lenore: just check out chasingshhadows cat, Nidria, chilling with Lenore:


Death is certain. Death is final. Death comes to all and demands goodbyes as swiftly as the wind blows.

With one fateful exception.

The night Death came to call on a young woman and found himself unable to stand the thought of being parted from her for all eternity. A fate that was the only conceivable outcome, as companionship is a foreign concept to he who writes the final chapter of a person’s tale. And so Death, being burdened with glorious purpose that cannot be ignored or altered, must be sustained merely on loneliness and bitter longing alone.

That is, until he sees the young woman smile.

For time itself seemed to stop in that moment, prompting Death to grant the woman a final day to do with as she wished, a wholly unprecedented act. So overjoyed was the woman at this gift, she requested to spend her remaining time with Death itself; and that night instead of giving the woman a new bed, one that was six feet under the ground, the woman led him to hers instead.

However, as we have learned, Death was not created with a happy ending in mind, and unbeknownst to either was that the price of becoming Death’s bedfellow is a torturous one indeed. Forging emotions Death was never intended to endure twisted his lover in his image, cementing their blackened bond and creating a connection neither could have expected.

For now Death has a mistress, and forevermore when he comes to call, it will not be a surprise to those he visits–but a promise kept by the shatteringly shrill warning from his one and only sweetheart–a warning that her dark knight approaches and your tale has almost reached it’s end.


“I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?”


“It wants irony. It wants to play a trick. It wants a joke. All we need to do is come up with a new punchline." 

It’s a little over a year later when the Sheriff finds out. He’s just pulled into the driveway and is stepping out of his cruiser when the front door swings open, revealing Stiles and Derek, laughing and entirely engrossed in one another. The laughter quiets and the looks soften, and a kiss goodbye is shared. A kiss that’s the likes of which the Sheriff remembers sharing with his wife, once upon a time. It makes his heart ache a little, but it’s more of the good ache than the bad.

Derek turns, and that’s when he’s noticed, leaning against his car with a lifted brow.

“Oh, fuck,” Stiles blurts out, and then claps a hand over his mouth awkwardly. The Sheriff can’t help but snort at that.

“Sir, I -” Derek starts, and he cuts him off abruptly with a lifted hand.

“Son, if you think I haven’t known about this for…oh, the past few months, you must think I’m a complete idiot,” he says evenly.

“Wait, you've known?” Stiles cuts back in, and his dad rolls his eyes.

“Go inside, Stiles,” he returns pointedly. Stiles hesitates, and he levels him with a looks. “Now.” He grits his teeth; does what he’s told, but he peeks out the front window worriedly.

Derek looks tense and wary, and the Sheriff smiles slightly. “At ease,” he tells him, and his light tone makes Derek relax, if only a little, and he takes a step forward as the Sheriff shuts the car door and meets him the rest of the way.

“You two have never been subtle,” he starts out. “Never. Not even when you both were oblivious, and not even when you were trying to be.” He hooks his thumbs in his belt loops as a crease forms between Derek’s brows.

“Just over a year ago, I asked for your help because I knew my son would be on the verge of giving up and destroying himself. I knew you’d be able to relate to it. And yes, it was selfish, asking you relive all of your horrors to save my son when you weren’t even quite past them yourself. But you did it anyway. You kept a promise to me." 

Derek swallows thickly and remains silent, waiting for him to finish, and he steps forward, placing a firm and reassuring hand on Derek’s shoulder. He instantly feels more tension drain away from him. His eyes are sharp and serious as they bore into Derek’s.

"You saved my son. You pieced him back together and got him closer to being whole again than I ever could have done on my own, and I knew - I knew that it would go down one inevitable road or another. I’m not naive to these sorts of things, Derek. And quite frankly, I’m offended you two thought I was.” His smile is crooked and fond, and Derek smiles slightly himself, huffing and looking down sheepishly.

“I was hoping you two would tell me on your own, but I guess this is as good as it gets. Either way, Derek, I need you to hear this and know this - you’ve earned my trust and respect. You earned that a while ago, honestly. Stiles is all I have left, and I trust you with him. I know how much you care about him. You’ve got to know how much that means to me.”

Derek exhales shakily, looking back up to meet his eyes and nod. “I know.”

“Good,” the Sheriff nods back, the corners of his eyes crinkling a little. “Now. I suppose I don’t need to go in on the whole ‘if you hurt him, I’ll kill you, yadda yadda yadda’, do I.”

Derek snorts and smiles wider, and shakes his head. “Not really, considering if I ever did, I’d hand myself right over, anyway.”

“Good answer,” he grins, squeezing Derek’s shoulder and releasing him. 

“No more sneaking around behind my back,” he continues, pointing at Derek with lifted brows as he walks up to his front door. “I know he’s eighteen now, but this is still my house, kid. Let’s keep that respect a mutual thing, got it?”

“Got it,” Derek nods, relief making his knees a little shaky. His fear of being judged unfairly has never really gone away, no matter how kind Stiles’ dad has been for a long time now.

“Come over for dinner tomorrow night,” the Sheriff adds as he opens the door. “Seven 'o clock sharp. You like Italian?”

Derek smiles. “I love it.”

Q&A With Jeff Davis
  • Person: Was Paige aware of Derek's intentions towards her when he asked her to the school after hours- did Derek speak to her at all about what he wanted for her, or did he set up the meeting/plan with Ennis without her consent?
  • Jeff Daivs: She was not aware. But part of the mystery to be resolved is this… did Derek arrange for her to be bitten? Or did Peter do it all on his own?

galvanize [gal-vuh-nahyz] verb.

2. to startle into sudden activity;