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S M A S H !!!


I normally don’t agree with the whole Zodiac characteristics because I feel most people feel the same types of emotions but these seemed pretty accurate in terms of how I act & how I feel right now. Some of them were interesting too =) I didn’t reblog them because I think it’s prettier in a photoset.

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so thankfully, the best things in my life are free!

I am rededicated to living a happy and healthier life. Hmm, I can’t say I’ve lived a totally morbid and unhealthy life thus far, so I guess I am DEDICATED to living my life exactly as is.

P O S I T I V I T Y  is my absolute fav right now. 


I spent my early twenties being such an absolute scatterbrain. I have always been incredibly loquacious, debateably witty and surprisingly knowledgeable but it was my perception of people around me and my estrogen fueled demeanor that landed me in CrazyTown. I let my high ranged emotions get the handle on me and let boys and other irrelevant issues stifle me. Needless to say, I had a lot of healing to do. Pain begets growth, believe it or not. By reassessing my values and making a slight attitude adjustment, I was able to utilize my hurt and turn it into strength. I am almost 5 years older from where I started and I’m still learning. When you’re younger (because I’m still young =P), you think you know everything. Time and experience will kick you into place. HONEST! Although I get sent back to CrazyTown every now and again, at least I know I ain’t buying property there! Be happy and save the drama queen acts for Days of Our Lives. Quit the excuses, focus on just one thing that tickles your heart and stem from there. 


… thanks =)

I hate summer.

At the risk of losing followers, I must announce that I am not a fan of summer. The warm weather doesn’t give excuse for the beads of stinky sweat, the runny make up, the frizzy hair and the overall discomfort of heat. In any case, I do appreciate the fun activities summer brings. 


I have been doing nothing this week but working. It’s hard to get back into the groove of things after being dormant for so long. Like I never fail to reiterate, I LOVE WORKING WITH MY BESTFRIEND. She makes going to work seem like a chill session. Throw in our other hotel posse and you have the most kick ass funtimes ever! I decided to pop on Tumblr for a quick minute to satisfy my fix but now I must finish the most recent episode of One Tree Hill and then make dinner for BFFL and I. Enjoy the weather if you’re in Toronto because you know I don’t!


It's all those backlogs?

Nah, I didn’t think so. Alright guys, I’m sorry for the post shortages. Since St. Patty’s day, I’ve been in recover mode & filling my days with light housework & errands. Fear not O faithful ones, I have a stockpile of reblogs coming at you in a day or so. I’ll be sure to queue them so I dont spam. Yaaay!

These are the star attractions of my daily routine. My face does not leave home without them! It really is a sad but necessary truth.
MAC Satin in Velvet Teddy
StudioFix in NC40
MAC Pressed Powder in NC40 (hidden in the back but used for setting & touch ups)
Blacktrack fluid liner & brush (time to replenish & replace!)
CremeSheen Glass in Boy Bait (discontinued so find a Pro Shop!)
NARS Orgasm blush
MAC eyebrow pencil in Taupe (Best. Ever. )
Quo & MAC badger brushes

Also, if I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll contour with Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer & highlight with Sephora’s shimmer block. With contact lenses, I’ll use Maybelline’s False Lash Mascara in black lace on top & MAC mascara on the bottom. I usually prime my face but I’m all out!

I am not a make up guru or anything. I just know about great products & how to use them. Nothing professional.