#ChasingGrammers with @mnf_

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For Malaysian filmmaker Mai Fernandez (@mnf_), the photos he saw in his Instagram feed had always been a source of creative inspiration. After a year of seeing photos and videos from people all around the world, Mai decided it was time for an adventure of his own.

As Mai explains, “It dawned on me that these images bore more significance than simply being gorgeous spots. These were places given artistic meaning by real people exploring their surroundings. This was the big adventure—to meet the people who have made me dream with their photos and whose adventures have inspired me.”

Along with his friends @tangerine_yin and @shangshen91, Mai set off on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the world through the eyes of the people he followed on Instagram. With that sole purpose in mind, the trio created the #chasinggrammers hashtag to document their travels. So far, they’ve met up with Instagrammers in France, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

As Mai describes it, there has been no shortage of memorable experiences: “We drank spring water from the Swiss mountains then from a hole in the ground in a Finnish forest, we were surrounded 360 degrees by the aurora borealis and we jumped, hugged and cried, we hiked to the Russian border, had a snowball fight at the Swiss Alps, saw the Matterhorn reflected against blue mountain lakes, ate reindeer stew, saw a double rainbow and #puddlegrammed it, lived in a Swedish cottage by the woods where elks grazed and, on top of that, our favourite Instagrammers cooked meals for us. Unforgettable.”

Mai and his crew are currently back in Malaysia, seeking out Instagrammers and new adventures around Kuala Lumpur, but they won’t be staying put for long. They’re planning the next stops of their journey with an eye on Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea and even the United States.