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There has probably been a question like this before (it makes me uncomfortable to think about so I hope you don't mind me asking) but in the underground would Isabel have had to be cautious of sexual predators? I remember in ACWNR one of the people chasing her made a comment alluding to that idea. Actually let me rephrase, would all three of them (Isabel, Farlan and Levi) need to have been cautious of that kind of thing? Did they have close calls? You don't have to answer this, if you wish.

Crimes of any sort were always something to look out for, even for the trio. If I remember correctly there even was a scene in acwnr that heavily implied Isabel has been raped or at least harassed.

terrified mob banging on a wooden gate on a rainy night: let us in please let us in we’re begging you we’re gonna die please for the love of God
soldiers standing on the castle wall: no
a lightning flashes over the monsters chasing the people outside. there’s actually no one. the mob reluctantly goes back to their houses.
the neon sign hanging by the massive bridge flickers.
“LGBT community”
a muffled “all about that base” by Meghan Trainor is heard from somewhere inside

It must be incredibly difficult to have a non-mobile alt mode on Cybertron.

I know there’s plenty of fanon addressing the fliers vs. grounders thing, and that’d definitely lead to trouble, for a grounder stuck in a city dominated by fliers or visa versa. But the alt-modes that aren’t any type of transportation, they’re pretty boned no matter where they are, because the system isn’t made for them.

It’s possible that there’s some equivalent of a public transportation or a taxi system, but flaws are likely in both. Why fund public transportation in a city where most of your residents can transport themselves? So there’s no guarantee that the systems will be well-maintained, or go to all the places someone would need them to go. Having a senator who’s a non-mobile alt still wouldn’t guarantee good public transportation. They have a personal private transportation.

As for taxi systems, that’s not likely to be anything more than a patchwork of vehicle-alts doing it because they’ve figured out that it’s a good way to get money. So the prices are likely to be high, or inconsistent, and finding someone to take them where they need to go would be up to chance.

Okay, so walk. Except walking long distances is prohibitive in terms of time and energy, and there’s no guarantee that there will be a place to walk along the side of the road. It might even be prohibited along some routes.

The last option becomes having a friend ferry them around, but unless they’re always going to the same place to do the same thing, or don’t mind constantly carrying this other cybertronian around, that isn’t always going to happen.


This is what I mean really. Not that there is a lack of male giants (which there is) but more so people chase them away or say that people that like them are wrong for liking male giants and I don’t really understand the hate.

Please read and pray for me...

I went to play laser tag with my best friend tonight and I nearly had a heart attack.

There was smoke everywhere. And little niggas running around chasing me…then there was white people chasing me. And I know it’s just a game but as soon as them white kids starting chasing me I had to get the fuck on. Cause….they had this look in they eye and I wasn’t feeling it.

Half the time I was shooting my own team mates.

Other times I was running like a run away slave cause listen…that smoke was fucking my hair up and a birch couldn’t breathe. I took this shit so serious.

I was ducking and diving. I don’t know how I ended up on the floor but all I know is the blue team almost took my ass hostage.

There was a group of niggas running after me. A bunch of crips (blue laser team) running after my ass. I was a blood with no back up yo. I felt the diabetes that I didn’t even have kick in…and I needed my damn insulin.

I choked on air about 172781881 times. I bumped into myself about five times. And shot myself in the mirror at least 20 times.

My bestfriend ditched me and I had to defend my damn self. Niggas back me up in the corner and was shooting my ass.

I still can’t breathe. Tonight is the night that I died.

Stop chasing things. Stop chasing people. What and who is meant to be a part of your life’s journey will be, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Do your best and trust in God. He won’t let you down, so stop expecting him to. So, instead of moping and crying about what’s not going your way, recognize that everything is happening in the best way, and embrace the blessings that fill your life.