chasing amy: a masterpiece
  • this episode was such a blessing 
  • like
  • “ames” x2
  • “babe” x9104
  • amy using the shoulder nova
  • domestic peraltiago
  • “now it’s ready for me to braid again”
  • every single holt and terry scene
  • jake’s impression of amy
  • ROSA’S impression of amy
  • kylie
  • gina & boyle bonding
  • “i love her so much”
  • jake literally connecting a month and year to a specific place amy would be because he knows her so well and that roof meant so much to both of them
  • “you think that because you love me”
  • “remember last week when i boiled that egg” “that was big i was really proud of you”
  • trivia nights
  • “did you throw away my sombrero restaurant” 
  • scary amy
  • “your train will be departing in 45 minutes” …
  • “i’ve never seen him walk with such purpose”
  • “is it possible to enter the colour beige”
  • terry’s dancing
  • all the boyle’s
  • jake canonically being confirmed as being in love with amy since the bet
  • “i’ve always known you were gonna be my boss”
  • “i love you” “i love you too”
  • jake die-harding off the roof
  • “wait. you left your figurine behind for some reason. take it.”
  • “ all aboard the terry liner, next stop holt-sylvania”
  • tangtown
  • “gina you don’t have to do this” “yes i do, because you’re my brother”
  • “we used to have sex you know” “you don’t have to mention that every time”

Percy: [on phone] Mr Chase, I’m calling to inform you that I’m planning to ask your daughter to marry me. But since it’s 2017, I’m not asking for your permission because she is not your property. Nor would she be mine if she chooses to say yes. She is a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man! That being said, I truly hope she says yes, but it’s her decision. SO, JUST BACK OFF!

Annabeth: Oh my gods, what did my dad say?

Percy: I don’t know. I left a voice message.

Leo: You hate people in your space.

Annabeth: Nonsense, I’m an easy-going person.

Leo: I once saw you use a ruler to measure another ruler.

Annabeth: It was off by half a centimetre; it should never have been in circulation.