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puppy love [steve rogers]

you and steve foster a dog for a week. steve wishes you would treat him as affectionately as you treat a goddamn golden retriever.

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warnings: fluff, mild sexual content, jealous steve, pouty steve

additional notes: reader (of ambiguous gender) is an avenger. they live with steve in a small house near the avengers compound in upstate new york. reader loves dogs. i figured if i’m gonna write a kitty fic for buck, i need a dog fic for steve. enjoy!

The moment you first saw the golden retriever, Steve knew you were hooked.

“‘Bean’?” you said, reading the tag tied to the dog’s cage. The dog’s tail began to wag, his ears perking up with interest. Your face lit up with a smile. “Hi, Bean!” you cooed, kneeling down so you were eye-level with him. He thrust his nose between the bars of the kennel, sniffing loudly and flicking his tongue out to lick your nose. “Wow, Bean, what a pretty boy you are! Who’s a pretty boy? You’re a pretty boy!”

Steve chuckled. You were the kind of person who gasped and squealed with delight whenever you saw a dog out on the street. You had volunteered at the Humane Society when you were younger, but you had never had a dog of your own, and Steve knew you wanted one desperately. With your job as an Avenger, keeping a full-time pet was too much for the both of you, so you figured you would foster one for a week or two to see how it worked out. The dog before you currently was a handsome golden retriever, his muzzle already streaked with white.

“Isn’t he beautiful, Steve?” you said, laughing as Bean covered your face in slobber. “He’s gorgeous!”

Steve leaned over to read more of the information on Bean’s description card. “Says he’s six years old,” he informed you, “and loves tug-o’-war, cuddling, and long walks in the park. Sound like your kind of dog?”

“Every dog is my kind of dog,” you sighed happily, eyes fixed on Bean. You straightened up to full height. “I choose him. I choose you, Bean!” Your voice shot up a few octaves as you once again adopted your puppy voice, the voice that, to Steve, never got old.

“I think he likes you,” said Steve, as Bean barked and stood on his hind limbs, craning his neck to continue licking you. Steve stepped closer and draped an arm across your shoulders. “Welcome to the family, Bean. Let’s take you home.”

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I’m convinced that if I were a dog, I’d be one of those ones who just run and chase tennis balls all day

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We had to put my dog down today and I'm crushed. Advice? Hug?

I’m so sorry. I know it sucks, but I believe when animals are put down, it’s for the better. Just know they’re happier now. Chasing tennis balls and tails in doggy heaven. And yep, hugs!

Dæmon Headcanons #2
  • Track/cross country runners; one kid’s cheetah dæmon carries another kid’s wood mouse dæmon so they can keep up with their people.
  • Swimmers; flotation devices are used to form bridges on top of the water, so that dæmons can run laps with their people.
  • Mock trial; dæmons in the courtroom have to work just as hard as their people to stay still, and eventually some big cat dæmon just gets up and screeches ‘objection!’ The next twenty minutes are spent arguing over whether that’s allowed by competition rules.
  • Kids’ soccer coaches having to repeatedly ask the dæmons to stay off the field while a bunch of puppy dæmons charge after the ball.
  • Teens’ soccer coaches having to repeatedly ask the exact same thing, and aren’t you all supposed to be more mature than the first graders for f**k’s sake.
  • Martial arts altered so that dæmons can partake.
  • High-school golf players changing with bird dæmons measuring the wind before their swing.
  • Tiny pre-K tennis players chasing after the tennis balls with their dachshund dæmons.

                                                                                                               – Raylen

Down the street from where I live there is a house for sale, and the little sign out front says “Angel Real Estate”.  The A has a halo around the top, and the background is blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Obviously this gives me AU ideas.

Castiel is a realtor, and Dean is the client he is trying to help find his dream home.  Dean is constantly flirting with him, leaving him flustered because he would really like to flirt back, but he needs to keep professional.  

Over the course of several months, Castiel gets to know Dean as he takes him to each house, learning what he likes and dislikes.  

Dean wants a huge yard - because he has an Irish Setter named Led who needs room to chase tennis balls.  He wants four bedrooms - he’s single, but has a large family that will need places to sleep when they visit, which will probably be often.  He needs a garage for his Baby - Castiel has seen it, and he immediately agrees that the beautiful machine needs a spacious room of its own.  Dean’s loose stride hitches with a limp, and his green eyes narrow with pain when he has to climb too many stairs.  When he catches Castiel watching him, Dean tries his best to hide it, but Castiel removes houses with multiple floors from his list of potentials.

One day, Castiel meets Dean in the driveway of a sprawling rambler with a spacious fenced yard, a two car garage that will allow plenty of room for a huge classic car, and even though it only has three bedrooms, they are big enough that with a little work, a fourth can be created.  He’s sure it’ll be perfect.

He believes he is right when he sees Dean’s eyes light up, but he proceeds with the tour.  The house has mostly wood floors, a fireplace in the living room, lovely bathrooms that have recently been renovated.  But Castiel knows the exact moment that Dean falls in love with the house is when he walks into the kitchen.  Dean had mentioned once that he loves cooking shows, but he never tried any of the things he learned because he didn’t have the right space to properly prepare meals.  The kitchen in this house has two ovens, a range with a grill, gorgeous marble counter tops, and space for a huge fridge.

Dean turns to Castiel and he grins.  “This is the one, Cas.”

Castiel loves how the shortened version of his name slips between Dean’s lips, his tongue flashing behind his perfect teeth.  He returns the smile.  “I am so glad.”

It takes three weeks to close on the house.  And when the final paperwork is signed, Castiel feels a twinge of disappointment as he hands over the silver ring threaded through two sets of keys for Dean’s new home.  It took them several months of searching to find the right house, and Castiel spent quite a bit of time with Dean.  He’ll miss his charming smile, and his bawdy flirtations.

“So, Cas,” Dean says as he bounces the keys in his palm.  “Now that we no longer have a business association, will you allow me to make you dinner?”  He grins.  “I’d really love to try out my new kitchen.”

Castiel goes warm all over.  A part of him hadn’t really taken Dean’s flirtations seriously.  Plenty of clients flirt.  Some just for fun, and some probably hoping for some kind of discount, as if that were in his power.  None of them continue their attentions once they no longer require his services.

He accepts, of course.  It takes a few days for Dean to get enough of his things moved into the house to have company, and it’s obvious when Castiel is invited inside for the first time that Dean still needs new furniture, and has a pile of boxes to unload.  

Led is a sweet dog who immediately takes to Castiel, leaning against his leg as he watches Dean break in his kitchen for the first time - he hasn’t cooked an actual meal yet, having lived on takeout until the kitchen was ready.  

Later, after an amazing meal, Dean sends Led outside, and then surprises Castiel by stepping close and leaning in for a kiss.  “So, Cas,” He says softly when their lips part seconds later.  “The kitchen is broken in.  Wanna help me with the bedroom?”

Castiel grins.  “I’d be happy to.”

Dean takes his hand, and leads him down the hall to the master bedroom.

They “break in” a different room every weekend for a month.  And then they start over again six months later, when Castiel moves in.  It’s their moving in tradition, Dean says.  Castiel thinks it’s a very good tradition, even if he thinks they’ve already found their dream home.

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Write a scenario where you're puppy sitting with Yoongi and he's super living towards them and talks about getting a pup and house with you some day and maybe a baby in the future

i wasn’t able to fit in the baby part but i mean it’s filled with fluff and i think it’s cute idk. it was a tad bit rushed i’m sorry ;~; but the idea of Yoongi getting all sentimental over the future is literally the CUTEST thing in the world someone hold me…


With Yoongi, it was rare you ever felt panicked or concerned. He carried himself in such a way that any stranger could tell he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He never let his discontent or frustrations show. It was an admirable trait, one that you admired the most from him and wished that you yourself possessed seeing as your life was constantly in turmoil.

However, hovering over the blonde haired boy you felt nothing but sheer panic that coated your limbs from head to toe.

“What do we do?” His voice wavered, hands hovering over the puppy lying on the floor.

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My very handsome boy Merlin, curious as always. He is a 1.5 year old border collie who lives in Australia. His hobbies include herding sheep, chasing bush turkeys, helping Mum garden, playing ‘ropey’, and chasing tennis balls. 


“When he is not chasing tennis balls, other pets, laser pointers, or anything the cats are interested in, you can find him surgically removing squeakers from stuffed toys, or jumping high in the air to get your attention for treats.  Life is always filled with activity and things to do with Frankie around.  He’s up for anything, anytime.”