chasing squirrels and climbing trees

The neighbor’s cat

Nearly 10 years ago now, my former neighbor adopted a tom cat that really more accurately adopted them. He was a brown tabby with a handsome expression that always looked worried in an adorable sort of way. He was a good hunter, usually specializing in birds much to my disapproval. I haven’t seen him in years. His family moved across town and I lost track of the tom. I suppose he passed over because I received a visit from his just this week in a dream. He popped by to remind me of the time he was chasing a squirrel and nearly climbed me like a tree during the wild pursuit. He reminded me of that funny incident and wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed it. Then he was gone. It was a simple visit. Brief and uncomplicated. I can appreciate that. It’s little visits like this I don’t mind at all.