chasing raven

Listen… I tried drawing something different today, I really tried!! (and failed lmao)

I just can’t stop thinking about what an actual ray of sunshine gansey must have been as a kid, how carefree and happy and possibly chasing butterflies.

Bookworm Problems #4

When your school does a book swap but you don’t want to give up any books. And you just. Steal them…

  • nico: will you be home for dinner? im making mid-life crisis
  • percy: oh, i guess i'll have a slice. if you're making it already

Okay I was looking through all my stuff and realized I needed to say what I would write for. I’m a moron. Anyway here it goes.

Lord of The Flies
The Great Gatsby
Dear, Evan Hansen
Magnus Chase
The Outsiders
The Raven Cycle

*I will probable add more. So anyway send me in asks. I don’t bite I swear!

So today’s my birthday and I felt like a slight break/need for a warmup. So I decided to draw my ships from Ever After High. Some of these pairing names I came up with since I couldn’t find one or I may be the first one on the shipping boat. Yes, if one good thing came out of Way Too Wonderland, it was Darling and Chase. OMG so cute~! I ship them and I will not lie!

I’ll let you guess which ones share the slot for my OTP for this show. Yes, I love my two favorite ships in this show so much I can’t decide which is cuter.

If you’re wondering why there’s no Hushlynn… I don’t really love them. They’re cute, but I don’t feel anything beyond “Eh” for them. I also just realized I ship all the Charming siblings with someone… this family is too attractive. (I’ll have to work on my Dizzie art though… ick.)

Bookworm Problem #3

When you can’t read in the car because you get carsick, but you have a five hour drive to kill….