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@camphalfbloodnetwork quest 4: minor characters

thalia grace: instagram au

the girl’s blue eyes stared into mine, and i understood what the golden fleece quest had been about. the poisoning of the tree. everything. kronos had done it to bring another chess piece into play— another chance to control the prophecy.

I was holding someone who was destined to be my best friend, or possibly my worst enemy.

“I am thalia,” the girl said. “daughter of zeus.”

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  • Nico: who decided skeletons are scary like??? You have a skeleton, do not be afraid of yourself
  • Leo: but they aren't supposed to exit the meat
There is so much I want to do, and if I organize my time better I will be able to accomplish it all.
—  Affirmation of the day.
  • Magnus: *jokingly* So how's the prettiest person in the world?
  • Alex: I dunno. How are you?
  • Magnus: *chokes*
  • Alex: *oops* jUST rEmeMBeRED!!¡¡ pOTTerY tO Do!!!! gOTtA gO!!!
  • Alex: *walks away*
  • Magnus: Did she really mean that?
  • Alex: Did I really mean that?