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so i have some good news!!!!!! literally all of the pjo girls are lesbians :)))))) every single one of them bye straighties

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Imagine Steve is terrified of chickens and only bucky knows why

Bucky can’t tell anyone because he’s too busy laughing too hard to breathe.  Captain Hold My Beer is currently positioned behind a tractor and doing his best to look like he’s not about to piss himself and doing a poor job of it.  

“…Is this an Old Dudes Thing?”  Tony has his Iron Man mask up and he’s looking between Bucky (who’s standing only by the grace of his metal hand holding onto one side of the tractor) and Steve (who is hiding on the other side of the tractor and trying to look like he’s not hiding.)

“Nothing’s wrong, Tony.”  Steve manages to grit out.  He even manages to look angry for a split second before his face contorts back into abject horror.  

“Looks like something’s wrong.”

Bucky snorts, wheezes, and gives up, falling to his knees.  “Oh god I can’t breathe.  It hurts. Stop.  Oh my god.”  He didn’t realize his voice could reach that octave.  

“Thanks, Buck.”

Bucky meant to respond.  He did.  Honest truth. But.  

But the chicken panics and runs towards them and Steve shrieks and leaps onto the tractor.  And Bucky can’t take it.  He’s withstood a lot, in his long life, but the sight of Captain Muscles hiding like his Ma from a mouse is too much.

“…The chicken.”  Tony deadpans.  

Steve scowls.  Bucky lets loose a tiny eeeeeep! that’s meant to be a response but is only more laughter.

“You’re afra—how are you afraid of a chicken?  You’ve fought Chitauri and robots and HYDRA and how?!”  Tony’s doing a good job of maintaining a mask of disbelief, but it’s ever so slowly twisting into unmitigated glee at the revelation.  

“I’m not – I’m not afraid of—“ Steve scuttles away as the chicken inches closer, even though Steve’s already on top of the tractor.  “-I’m not afraid of it.  It’s just. I mean.” 

DoyourememberwhenthatchickenchasedyouallthewayfromMrsMcLaughlinsandyouweresureitwasgoingtopeckyoutodeath?! OH GOD.”  Bucky manages to wheeze it all out in one half-breath before losing control and laughing all over again.   

Steve twists his lips to one side, completely un-amused.  


Bucky’s nearly got his feet under him.  But Tony picks up the chicken and makes an outrageously loud Squak! In Steve’s direction and Steve topples off the tractor and Bucky’s legs go out from under him again in a new bout of laughter.  

It’s not until Maria leaves her post in the Quinjet to scold them all that Tony stops chasing Steve around with the chicken and Bucky manages to get his laughter mostly contained.  

They’re home before Bucky’s case of the giggles finally subsides. Tony buys Steve a down pillow as a show of solidarity and apology.  Steve has Darcy let four chickens (labeled 1, 2, 3, and 5) loose in the Tower the next time he’s away on assignment.

3am thoughts

You know, I always see people saying that Nico probably wears only black because he wants to look badass or becaude he’s emo or something related to being a child of Hades, but, seriously, has anyone ever thought that maybe Nico is always wearing black because he’s still not over Bianca’s death?

Like, you know how it is when you go to a funeral, or when you’re in mourning, the traditional clothing is black.

Also maybe he always wears it because he never got to attempt a funeral at all, not only for Bianca but for his mother.

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I'd like to bother you re: Howard Doesn't Like Steve verse. Steve is military so deployment's a thing. Tony sends him sexy photos, actual photos, and Steve keeps all of them, but has, like a lovesick high libido moron, kept a favorite in his wallet. It's secure! He's built like a tank with the skills to use it and it's in a card slot anyway, it has literally never fallen out before. Until it does. omeone picks it up. And no, it isn't identifiable as Tony to a street rando, but yeah. It's obvious

Tony sends Steve a ridiculous amount of sexy photos. The Howling Commandos know better than to dig through the care packages for the treats Tony sends for all of them when Steve actually dives on top of the box and snarls “DON’T LOOK IN MY STUFF.” And then he pulls out several loose photos and shoves them in his pockets and they rib him playfully about it every time a package comes in.

Of course, his favorite one is so innocent in the scheme of things, compared to some of the risque photos Tony has sent him–a photo of Tony on his knees wearing a lacy, see-through nightgown, holding up the hem to show off just a hint of the panties beneath them. Steve keeps it in his wallet because it’s technically not that risque (except for that other photos had shown him touching himself and then stripping the nightgown off and then the panties had also been in the care package). Also, it’s in a card slot! It literally only comes out when he pulls it out. Which isn’t often. Because he has the real thing now that he’s back from deployment. (It’s surprisingly often actually. He had folded it so that Tony’s face was hidden and the edges are so worn that it’s kinda… ripped? Oops.) So it’s just a full-body picture but no face–who the hell is going to recognize that?

Steve only notices it’s gone when he goes to pay for dinner and realizes its usual slot is empty. Oh God no. How was he going to get Tony away from his parents to tell him what happened? This was supposed to be a nice night, he was going to pay for dinner so Howard and Maria would see he also made a decent amount of money, and now he was going to die out of mortification thank God Tony’s head had been torn from the photo. He turns to try and make desperate ‘I fucked up’ eye contact with Tony.

Just in time to watch Howard bend down to pick something up off the ground.

Okay, okay, Tony’s head is missing. How would Howard be able to recognize Tony’s headless body? When has Howard seen Tony in a lacy nightgown? He wouldn’t recognize it. He wouldn’t.

“…Oh my God,” Howard breathes, face twisting into a scowl.


“Oh no,” Steve whispers.

Maria and Tony look between Steve and Howard in confusion.

“Oh no,” Steve whispers again when Howard lifts his gaze to glare daggers at him. “Mr. Stark I–”

Howard lunges at him. Steve uses all his military experience to scream and run from the restaurant. Howard gives chase.

“I guess I’ll just pay for dinner then,” Tony tells the air lamely before walking up to the register to pay.

Maria bends to pick up the photo Howard had dropped because he needed both hands to strangle Steve. “Oh,” she says in surprise, and then, “Oh, dear.”

“What?” Tony says in concern as the hostess runs his card. “What is it, Mom?”

“Honey,” she says pityingly. “This really isn’t your color.”

Tony sputters when he sees his headless body in that stupid blue nightie. “Oh my God.”

“Also we’d better hurry if you want to continue having Steve as a boyfriend,” Maria adds. “Before your father kills him.”

Tony squawks and snatches his card back from the hostess. “Give yourself a nice tip I have to go save my boyfriend!”

“Excuse me,” Maria asks the valet kindly. “Did you see which way the screaming blond was being chased?” The valet points. Maria loops her arm around Tony. “Come along, dear. I’ll need your help keeping your father from committing murder.”

Tony sighs.


A date with Princess of Jahad *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Scanned! Though the hardcopies look much smoother (/_\)

Also there was quite a long time span between the two, and I used different watercolor brands for them. I used mostly Prima Marketing : pastel dreams on Khun’s and I used mostly Mijello (known for being super vibrant, especially the red ones) on Bam’s. No wonder they looked so contrast lmao. Also I filmed the painting process for Bam and Yuri butttt I don’t have the time to edit the video QAQ.

And these were lined around four months ago, I think you can see the difference between “this” Bam and “the new thorn fragment” Bam. I guess I’m kinda proud to how I was able to improve within 2 months ;w;

Marie and Maria?

What if Nico’s and Hazel’s mother were the same person? What if after Nico’s mother died, she chose rebirth and became Hazel’s? What if that explains why we don’t see her in the Underworld?

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hey, have you ever sorted the women of the mcu? (love your 'bringing the war home' series btw) :)

*makes furtive noises* No, sir ma’am or other, I have not stayed up until three in the morning sorting every MCU character with doctorcakeray. No. Certainly not. Ahem.

Anyway. Here we go. 

Natasha Romanoff is a Hufflepuff.

She’s got a Slytherin secondary the size of good plate armor, certainly. She lies, manipulates, calculates, shapeshifts to achieve her goals. She breaks down in front of Loki, gets her Russian captors to give her everything, plays the PA for Tony. She only pretends to know everything. She becomes what she needs to be to get the job done. It’s a hard way to live but a good way not to to die.

Those are her tools, her methods, her changeable skin, but what is her drive? This is a woman who got out of being an assassin and threw herself into SHIELD’s service, looking to finally be a white hat. She hangs her worth on other people. This is not a healthy Hufflepuff, but she’s Puff all the same.

Natasha throws herself into chaos for other people. She doesn’t have to love them. She doesn’t have to think she’ll make it out. There’s a particular face she makes, when deciding to answer the comm to go after Hawkeye, when deciding to launch off Cap’s shield at the Chitauri, when waving help away when she was trapped and the Hulk was changing. Resolve. Steady, quiet service and sacrifice.

When SHIELD’s rotten core is revealed, Natasha is heartbroken. Look at Steve Rogers, the very best of Gryffindor, how he sat there grinning, finally given an enemy to fight head on with a team at his back (Steve’s secondary is Puff; his unmovable morals come from inside of him, but he builds his strength in other people: the Commandos, Nat, Sam. When Steve finally fully invests himself in the Avengers, they are going to be a force terribly worth reckoning with).

Look at Maria, who shrugs it off. (Hill’s a Ravenclaw, her morals all self-defined). And look at Fury—he is not untouched by SHIELD’s fall, though he is the same Gryffindor that Steve is; but that’s because SHIELD was his responsibility and his job. Fury is guilty, a Gryffindor and a leader whose people turned from the light.

But Natasha is heartbroken. While Steve grins, Natasha sits across from him, shaken, doubting her own worth because she had hung it on SHIELD’s white hat rack.

She looks for direction from outside herself. She’s a Hufflepuff stripped of her own self worth, so she defines herself by the people around her. She looks to SHIELD. She looks to Steve, and he hands that trust right back to her.

One of the best things about CATWS was the slow beginning of Natasha making decisions based on herself. And it culminates beautifully: Natasha going off, alone, to build her own self in her own image for the first time in her twisted life.

I read Maria Hill as a Ravenclaw with a Gryffindor secondary. She purposefully, deliberately, and stubbornly hammered out the person she wanted to be and that person was brash, non-nonsense, fearless. SHIELD falls and she barely bats an eye, just moves on to some other place where she can choose to stand to save the world.
I haven’t done my Pepper study yet— need to rewatch those movies. But my first instinct is Slytherpuff. Loyal, ambitous, and healthily selfish, she achieves her goals with hard work, practicality, community buillding, and deliberate empathy (see: the way she interacts with Coulson and Natasha, vs. how Tony does. She creates assets).

Jane Foster, a Gryffindor with a Ravenclaw secondary, makes choices with her heart and pulls them off with her clever hands. Jane moves too much with her gut and internal compass to be anything but a Gryffindor at her core. Her secondary is deliciously loud, though— a Ravenclaw who solves problems by science-ing at them. I hope at some point in her life she has yelled/whispered EUREKA at the top of her heart.
Sif is a Hufflepuff with a Gryffindor secondary—there’s a reason she and Melinda May bond so instantly. A strong sense of service and loyalty acted upon with a direct (and often, but not necessarily, violent) strength, a tendency for breaking rules.

Darcy— I read her as Slytherin/Slytherin. I took her apathy and irreverency as a very clever smokescreen for a young girl faced with the uncaring difficulties of the world. Ravenclaw/Slytherin I could also get behind.
Sharon Carter is a straight Gryffindor. I like to think she learned it from Peggy.
Natasha and Sif are both Hufflepuff, but one uses subtlety, manipulation and coercion to get her way (Slytherin secondary) while the other uses brash directness and strength (Gryffindor).

Sharon Carter and Jane Foster are both Gryffindor, heartfelt and honest. Sharon is full Gryff while Jane uses a Ravenclaw secondary to chase down her goals. 

Maria Hill is a Ravenclaw who chose brave, straightforward Gryffindor as her way to operate. If she’s not just a full Slytherin, Darcy might be a Claw too, but she’s got the same adaptable, clever secondary as Natasha.

Agents of SHIELD ladies (May, Skye, and Simmons) sorted under the cut. I’ll try to avoid major spoilers but I can’t avoid at least brushing by some.

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Whedon is our King

1. Joss Whedon said that the MCU could be enjoyed by people who don’t watch Agents of Shield–NOT that Agents of Shield wasn’t valuable or important. This guy wrote The Zeppo (Buffy) because he knows the stories going on with people behind the ‘top billed’ characters are valuable and interesting–I think he knows that Agents of Shield is valuable. 

2. Saying Bucky’s death would have been a better story is called an AU and tumblr really shouldn’t be so judgmental of someone’s AU…even when that someone is a film director.

3. All of his female characters are complex-yes, many of them kick ass in a ‘girl power’ way, but they also show a wide range of emotion, and are different from one another. Willow is a badass witch who is also a proud nerd, and who deals with confusing sexuality, falling in love, losing love, losing herself, and addiction. Buffy is a beautiful girlie-girl who brings justice with her fists, a protector of the world, a single parent, and an orphan. Natasha is a super-intelligent agent with a dark past on a path to redemption, who manages to trust her companions despite leading a life of abuse. Maria Hill is an authority figure who cares more about the people in her charge than anything else, and questions her superiors when they are misguided. Penny (Dr. Horrible) is a compassionate and naive woman determined to cause positive change with words and kind actions. Agent Peggy Carter is a feminine woman who is in charge of herself and often those around her, who is able to see through any exterior (beautiful or puny) to the person underneath. I could go on-but if you don’t recognize that Whedon is one of the few writers out there who knows how to write more than one kind of woman I don’t think I can help you. [or maybe you only know how to recognize one type of woman hmmm?]

4. Directors aren’t the only ones in charge of casting. If you have an issue with white-washed casting choices (which, in my opinion, are TOTALLY LEGITIMATE issues and the fandom should remain vocal about their preferences for diverse characters) then your issue is with the casting director, or at least with the team of people who made the decision collectively. Not [only] Joss. 

5. There is no evidence that Charisma Carpenter got fired [at all] from Angel because she got pregnant. How could she? Since she was pregnant during the run of the show? Literally how could she be fired for something that occurred while she was working on the show??

In conclusion, Joss Whedon remains a pioneer for feminists, and remains a talented and passionate storyteller [who has delighted the fandom for years now]. Don’t get swept up in the hysteria caused by miscommunication and misrepresentation. Calm down. My goodness.


“True Friend ”

One of the best moment for me in yesterday Champions league game was that went Marcelo was injured during a game time , Di maria stop chasing him and hold his hand as it was they both are the same team. Di maria know his  friend is injured and no matter it is a group stage match or a final he will stop the game. The true sportsmanship the true friend . Once a Madridista Always a Madridista.

Not A Pet ~ Part 8 ~ Hold Me Down

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Warnings: mentions of Smut, wild animals

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1974



Reader’s POV

I stare out at the falls as they cascade over the side of the cliff. The familiar smell of my brothers playing was everywhere. It felt like home to sit here and let the memories I thought once lost forever to fill my mind. I could could smell other Werecats in my haven but I couldn’t remember who they were. One was a Lion and the others were spotted leopards. Their faces were blurry in my mind but I could vaguely remember playing with them when I was younger.

“What were there names?” I ask aloud as my tail swings back and forth over the branch I was currently sitting on in my half panther form. Yes, I was naked, thanks to not being able to bring clothes along, but it wasn’t like anyone was going to see me. Tilting my head back I lay back completely against the thick branch and stare straight up at the night sky. Perks of being a Werecat, Night vision. I smile as I close my eyes and let the sound of the water take my troubles away.

As if it was inevitable I catch a whiff of Bucky’s scent and my heart starts to race. He was miles away from me back at my parent’s house but his scent was stronger than I wanted to admit and it did things to me I didn’t quite understand. I knew the moment I saw him that I wanted him to hold me like he used to when I was a child. Well no that wasn’t quite right. I wanted more than for him to just hold me. Why? Was this some weird hormone that came with my approaching heat?

Opening my eyes, I let out a heavy sigh and stand up. There was only one way to figure out what this all meant and that was to ask the man himself. Why did that thought cause a shudder of fear to fill my body? Shrugging my shoulders, I change into my panther form and start back to my house. I had come no closer to my angst about my brother avoiding me and there was nothing I could really do. I could call him but I doubt he’d answer if it was me.

As I near my home my ears twitch as I start to overhear my father talking to my brother Marcus. “That was our oldest brother, he’s on his way home.” Marcus says to someone and my heart jumps in my chest. Kei was coming home.

“Good cause we have a problem,” I hear my father say and I tilt my head. “All the past Reincarnations, were murdered by the same guy.”

“What? Who?” Marcus, Bucky, and Steve say in unison.

“Her brother.” The sudden realization that he was talking about me caused me to stop in my tracks. I was a reincarnation? What was that about? That couldn’t be true. My heart clenches as the rest of their words fill my mind. My brother would kill me? That couldn’t be. Tears fill my eyes as I suddenly have the urge to run fast and far away. Taking a couple steps back I suddenly start to feel my mind become muddled by a furious haze.

“Wha-whats going on?” I say shaking my head as I try to clear it. My body instantly changes into my half panther form causing me to stumble around. Something wasn’t right. My body starts to burn and my throat tightens. I suddenly felt parched and extremely hungry. “Da-daddy…” I manage to to gasp out before the animal side completely takes over and my mind goes blank.

Bucky’s POV

Bucky had been silent in the corner ever since he heard Kitty’s father announce that her brother would undoubtedly be her death. He knew which brother it would be too and it would be mostly his fault. Raven was his pupil. He taught him everything he knew and it would inevitably be the one thing that cost him one of the people he loved. Suddenly her father snapped to attention to his right toward the front door right as a loud roar filled the air.

“Kitty,” Bucky says through his teeth as he jumps to his feet and heads for the door.

“Bucky wait!” Marcus calls after him but its too late. He throws the door open to see her standing there in her half panther form; her skin wasn’t its normal color but instead was what seemed like panther like fur. His eyes look up her form before they land on her eyes. They were no longer her beautiful cat like (E/C) color but that of a wild and feral animal.

“Kitty?” He asks earning an angry growl from her lips. What was wrong with her?

“Bucky stay back.” Bucky hears her father say as he himself shifts into his half panther form and slowly moves toward his daughter.

“What’s wrong with her?” Bucky asks as he feels her brother Marcus walk up beside him.

“This isn’t right; she wasn’t supposed to start now.” Marcus says his face filled with worry.

“Start? Start what?” Steve asks as he and the rest of the household join them on the front porch. Before Marcus has a chance to reply Bucky hears her mother gasp as her hand shoots up to her lips. Apparently this was exactly how it looked. Bad. Bucky could feel every muscle in his body tense up as it fought the urge to run to her. The air was thick with worry as the older panther slowly moved toward his out of control daughter.

As Bucky watched them slowly circle each other it was as if every move was a different language. One only they understood. Suddenly Kitty let out a loud and angry roar which caused something far off in the distance to roar a reply. Whatever it was sounded loud and massive. “That’s definitely not good.” Marcus exclaims as he rushes forward to place himself between his sister and the mysterious roar.

“There shouldn’t be another male around for miles.” Maria says her eyes full of worry.

“Male? You mean she’s in-” Natasha pauses as it finally sinks in what is going on. Kitty was in heat.

Another roar from the distance announced the soon to be arrival of a male who had every intention of mating with kitty and that though alone made Bucky see red. It wasn’t the males fault and it wasn’t kitty’s, it was just their nature; but that didn’t ease his anger. The thought of any man touching Kitty made him see red. No one was allowed to touch her. Clenching his jaw along with his fists his attention is pulled from the direction the sound had come from to Kitty who was now staring at him.

He gulps down a breath at the intensity of her gaze. Her golden eyes bore into him making it seem like all his emotions were clear for her to read. Apollo’s gaze slowly follows his daughters gaze to see what she is staring at so intently. As his eyes land on Bucky he straightens his back and says calmly, “Bucky, come towards us.”

“Wait, is that a good idea?” Steve says grabbing Bucky’s arm which resulted in Kitty letting out an angry growl.

“Steve, I’ll be fine.” Bucky says as he pulls his arm out of Steve’s grasp and slowly walks down the porch steps toward the feral Kitty. His eyes meet hers and they are locked onto each other.

“Bucky, you are emitting a mating hormone that’s causing her to size you up.”

“What?” Bucky asks in confusion as he keeps his eyes focused on Kitty.

“She’s trying to tell whether or not you are a suitable mate.”

“Mate!” Bucky exclaims causing Kitty to tense and reveal her claws.

“Don’t take your eyes off of her, and yes; she sees you as a potential mate.”

Bucky didn’t know what to do. He cared about Kitty but did he really see her like that? Taking a deep breath, he watches Kitty’s every move. She had changed so much over the years. He still remembered her as a young and scared little girl. There was no way he saw her like that. Right? Then with a sudden gust of wind that made her hair whip around her face he knew the truth. He no longer saw her as that little girl anymore. Ever since that day she had given him a soft smile his feelings for her had changed.

Taking a deep breath, he loosens his body up and starts to walk toward her. She stares at him in a mixture of curiosity and anticipation. “Hey there Kitty,” He says as a soft smile covers his lips making her anger slowly start to melt away. Her tail twitches as she slowly moves to stand tall in front of him. Bucky felt his breath hitch as he gazed at her moonlit figure. The silvery moon streams glistened against her (H/C) hair and black panther skin. She was gorgeous.

“What’s happening now?” Sam asks his eyes focused on the sight before him.

“She’s deciding whether or not to invite chase.” Maria replies as she bites her lower lip.

“She wants him to chase her?”

“It’s all part of Trysting.”

“Trysting?” The three humans ask in unison.

“It’s basically mating.”

“She wants to mate with Bucky?!” Steve exclaims making Kitty tense.

“From what she’s showing, yes. In my case when Apollo and I went through this it went a lot smoother. Then again I’m only half Werecat.”

“What goes on from here then?” Natasha asks her eyes focused on Kitty.

“Well in the animal kingdom its simple, if he can catch her he can keep her.”

Bucky watched Kitty’s every move to see in which direction she would go when Apollo whispers, “When you catch her, if you catch her, do not let any weakness show. If for a moment you have second thoughts, she’ll rip you to sheds in a heart beat.” Bucky nods as he takes another step toward Kitty. At his sudden movement Kitty turns and bolts into the woods. As if his body moved on its own he instantly shot off after her. He didn’t know what he would do after he caught her but he’d deal with that when the time came.

Apollo’s POV

Apollo watched as Bucky ran off after his daughter. This was a day he never wanted to see, the day his daughter took a mate and became a woman. There was no fighting it. He had tried when he was younger but had failed. Did he regret it? No, because it brought him to Maria who was his light. Bucky seemed to truly care about (Name) and even if he didn’t know it himself, it showed in his scent. You could lie all day but your scent told the truth.

“Don’t worry Hun,” Maria says as she walks up and wraps her arm around his waist. “They know what they’re doing.”

“I know, I just-” He pauses as he turns toward his wife a worried look in his eyes.

“She’s your baby, yeah I know exactly how you feel.”

“Brings back some memories doesn’t it?” Apollo jokes as he reaches up and gently touches his wife’s cheek.

“I remember it took you hours to catch me. I almost gave up hope that you would.”

“I would’ve ran forever to catch you.” He replies as he leans his forehead against hers.

“You have to trust that he will do the same. That when the time comes, he’ll know what to do.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Apollo asks his eyes filled with worry. Maria shakes her head and wraps her arms around his waist. “Then their relationship won’t survive. He’ll lose her forever.”

Will Continue In ~ Trysting