chasing lincoln's killer

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relationship status: single
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick by default, i haven’t used chapstick in probably at least 3yrs
last song i listened to: what a piece of work is man/walking in space (reprise) from HAIR
last movie i watched: probably final destination? if we’re talking like “yeah i started a movie but can’t sit still for long enough increments to watch an entire movie on netflix” then probably j edgar
top 3 fictional characters: felicity smoak (arrow), josh lyman (west wing), ronald macdonald (its always sunny in philadelphia)
top 3 ships: bobby kennedy + ethel skakel, mick rory + ray palmer, josh lyman + sam seaborn
books i’m currently reading:
- all-american boys
- the hemingses of monticello
- manhunt: the 12 day chase for lincoln’s killer
- the fitzgeralds and the kennedys

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